Sunday, March 25, 2012

Should I offer Corky a home?

I am unable to embed the video as he has that feature turned off so instead I can only link his video here Be sure to right click and open in a new tab.

Essentially Corky is going to be homeless again. His new motorhome is not going to be able to pass California emission standards and thus his temporary tags will expire. He has no place to store the vehicle and my previous suggestions on places to park it apparently were not useful.

Now in his video he stated that he does not want to do hard work. He has said this many times. He wants to be an actor or public speaker. While I can certainly understand those goals, I do not understand his unwillingness to take any job that comes to him. He even once gave me a lecture, while he was unemployed, that any job under 10 dollars an hour was beneath him. He was fully aware that I was supporting both of us on 9 dollars an hour.

However, for whatever reason, it is clear that Corky is not going to be able to afford the standard of living he desires for quite some time. As it stands right now he is on the streets with no place to go. There will always be debates on whether his current status is by choice or not. I am not disputing that. All I am saying is this: Is it right for me to refuse him a place to live when I can afford to provide for him?

Back in 2009 he had to move out when I got sick and was no longer able to afford to keep him. I am in a different position now. I can afford to provide for him. I am well aware that if he moves in, he most likely will never move out. I am also well aware that he will not contribute towards the rent. However, I can afford to provide for him again.

Now some of you may remember the two threats of bodily harm he has made to me. Well as you know the first threat came early in 2010 when I was still recovering from being sick. I was weak. I am much stronger now and I do not consider him to be a physical threat. If he were to attempt an attack I am sure I could overpower him with ease.

In June, I intend to move into a new place. When I do I will have room for a couch and a small desk he can use. The only question I have towards you readers is this, is it morally ethical for me to refuse to provide him with a home when I have the means to do so?

What do you guys think I should do. Message me on twitter or YouTube