Sunday, March 4, 2012

My conversation with a View Botter

Today I had a conversation with a view botter who claimed to own the view bot service View Tornado. Sadly my attempt to fish information from him did not go as well as I had hoped. Still here is what we discussed. I had hoped to get him to offer me up the codes for the view bot that attacked my video so I could forward it on to YouTube. I actually could have done that as I have been communicating with Partner Support about this issue. I did of course exagerate my claims about being able to contact YouTube staff whenever I wanted. While it is true that I do have a little more contact than most people, I certainly do not have the power to simply pick up the batphone and call then whenever I need to.

Still it appears that his motivation was not as pure as he had claimed. ViewTornado is simply a view bot service hoping to knock out it's competition. Enjoy our conversation.

[4:48:10 AM] Happy Cabbie: what do you need?
[4:49:15 AM] viewtornado: I need you to report the view bot for me
[4:49:38 AM] viewtornado: I am willing to send the entire source code to YouTube in order for them to fix it
[4:49:45 AM] Happy Cabbie: call me
[4:49:54 AM] viewtornado: I don't have a microphone
[4:50:17 AM] Happy Cabbie: *sigh*.
[4:51:11 AM] Happy Cabbie: One question, I have looked at your website. It appears to be a service to artificially boost views on youtube. Why are you wanting me to send the code to youtube?
[4:51:48 AM] viewtornado: No I offer 100% real views, but there is an offer that we call "Mobile views"
[4:51:53 AM] viewtornado: Which I want patched
[4:52:20 AM] Happy Cabbie: Is your website responsible for the high view count on my video?
[4:52:29 AM] viewtornado: It is not, but I know who is
[4:52:34 AM] viewtornado: Because many poor Indians and Pakis are now discovering the mobile views bug
[4:52:44 AM] viewtornado: And it is killing the real views business
[4:53:03 AM] viewtornado: Because it is more beneficial to buy artificial views
[4:53:06 AM] Happy Cabbie: If you know who is responsible for the high views on my video, who is it?
[4:53:20 AM] viewtornado: Well, I can say it right away I don't care
[4:53:24 AM] viewtornado: His name is Astro
[4:53:44 AM] viewtornado: He is a annoying little kiddo running around thinking he is smart because he figured out mobile views
[4:53:56 AM] viewtornado: He works with a certain someone also
[4:54:08 AM] viewtornado: Which doesn't really like you, I'll leave that for you to figure out though
[4:54:19 AM] Happy Cabbie: Is lifeinatent involved?
[4:54:42 AM] viewtornado: I'm not saying anything more about that
[4:54:46 AM] viewtornado: Back to the main topic
[4:55:06 AM] viewtornado: How fast can you escalate this to higher authorities in YouTube
[4:55:16 AM] Happy Cabbie: Within 10 hours
[4:55:23 AM] viewtornado: I mailed 2 employees (I got their personal eMails) and
[4:55:42 AM] viewtornado: I used that mail twice in the past for 2 other huge bugs, and they replied within 24 hours and paid me $1000 for discovering them
[4:55:49 AM] viewtornado: But now they're not replying for some reason
[4:55:53 AM] viewtornado: It's been 7 days
[4:56:32 AM] Happy Cabbie: So what you are needing help with is finding a way to stop Astro and his mobile view bot business so it doesn't interfere with your legit business is that correct?
[4:57:31 AM] viewtornado: Correct
[4:57:35 AM] viewtornado: Not only Astro
[4:57:47 AM] viewtornado: But thousands of little kids that discovered it
[4:58:02 AM] viewtornado: I blame myself mostly for talking about it a while back
[4:58:03 AM] Happy Cabbie: Excellent. I can get this forwared to about 10 people I have contact with, they just won't show up until 9am
[4:58:16 AM] viewtornado: No problems, and thank you ;)
[4:58:23 AM] Happy Cabbie: Does Astro have a last name and or website?
[4:58:32 AM] viewtornado: He does have neither
[4:58:37 AM] viewtornado: He is a BlackHatWorld member
[4:58:43 AM] viewtornado: Not a VIP one neither
[4:58:44 AM] viewtornado: Just a random guy
[4:58:51 AM] viewtornado: He isn't anything special
[4:58:58 AM] viewtornado: Just a dumb fuck who goes around giving views
[4:59:07 AM] viewtornado: There are many other blackhatters that know it, but use it wisely
[4:59:12 AM] viewtornado: You might remember
[4:59:21 AM] viewtornado:
[4:59:27 AM] viewtornado: This guy got famous because of mobile views
[5:00:00 AM] Happy Cabbie: Yes I remember seeing this one
[5:00:36 AM] Happy Cabbie: So what does YouTube need to know in order to stop people like Astro?
[5:02:34 AM] viewtornado: The method
[5:02:37 AM] viewtornado: And solutions
[5:02:48 AM] viewtornado: I wrote a 32 page paper in 2010 on how to fix it
[5:03:07 AM] viewtornado: And told a huge YouTuber (can't say his name, but 1,000,000 subs+) to deliver it to them
[5:03:10 AM] viewtornado: And he did, but they never read it I think
[5:03:45 AM] Happy Cabbie: I can assure you that I can get it read. 3 of the people I know are YouTube engineers
[5:04:11 AM] viewtornado: I have deleted this paper by now since I thought it was useless, but I can tell them my solutions to it
[5:04:59 AM] Happy Cabbie: So what does YouTube need to know in order to fix it?
[5:05:19 AM] viewtornado: I'll tell them if you get me in contact
[5:09:51 AM] Happy Cabbie: Tell me, why should I trust you? There are hundreds of people who contact me each month not only through the YouTube and Adsense Help Forums but also via twitter and YouTube. I get solutions to their problems for you. Granting you direct access to YouTube staff when I have no guarantee that you are who you say you are. You won't even let me hear your voice. Think about it from my perspective. I can prove to you my ability to get results. If you want the mobile view bots stopped I can help you. However putting my contacts with YouTube staff at risk for someone I just met is not something I am ready to do.
[5:10:21 AM] viewtornado: Well
[5:10:28 AM] viewtornado: Give me any video
[5:10:35 AM] viewtornado: And I shall show you 1 million views in 5 hours
[5:10:40 AM] viewtornado: I'm not a kid
[5:10:42 AM] viewtornado: I am a businessman
[5:10:46 AM | Edited 5:10:48 AM] viewtornado: I need this patched
[5:12:12 AM] Happy Cabbie: I do not want any of my videos botted, nor do I see the point in putting someone else's account at risk of termination. You say you have the source code, tell me where it is so I can forward this on to YouTube
[5:12:33 AM] viewtornado: I am not going to seend anyone but YouTube the source
[5:14:07 AM] Happy Cabbie: and I am not willing to jeapordize my contacts for someone I don't know. The question you have to ask yourself is this. Do you think you can contact YouTube staff on your own?
[5:15:04 AM] viewtornado: Nope, but I can pretty much destroy the website to get the thing patched
[5:15:08 AM] viewtornado: Which I am willing to do
[5:15:13 AM] Happy Cabbie: Then do it
[5:15:35 AM] viewtornado: Ok
[5:15:37 AM] Happy Cabbie: You obviously are not interested in solving the problem
[5:15:42 AM] viewtornado: I am
[5:15:45 AM] Happy Cabbie: You just want to get rid of your competition
[5:15:50 AM] viewtornado: And I am going to try all methods
[5:15:54 AM] viewtornado: Well, the problem is
[5:15:59 AM] viewtornado: The method is my competition
[5:16:08 AM] viewtornado: And I know how to use it, but I don't want to base my business off it
[5:16:11 AM] viewtornado: I could sell mobile views as well in huge bulks
[5:16:16 AM] viewtornado: But I am not
[5:16:21 AM] viewtornado: I want to get it fixed instead
[5:16:29 AM] Happy Cabbie: No you do not
[5:16:39 AM] viewtornado: Well, I am done talking to you then
[5:16:45 AM] Happy Cabbie: If you truly wanted to fix view bots you would not be in the view bot business
[5:16:48 AM] viewtornado: I made you an offer
[5:16:53 AM] viewtornado: You seem to not understand
[5:16:58 AM] viewtornado: So our conversation ends here
[5:17:05 AM] Happy Cabbie: You are just not as gulible as I thought you were
[5:17:05 AM] viewtornado: View bot business?
[5:17:10 AM] viewtornado: I am selling legitimate views
[5:17:14 AM] viewtornado: From real people
[5:17:14 AM] Happy Cabbie: I saw your website
[5:17:18 AM] Happy Cabbie: you sell views
[5:17:23 AM] viewtornado: And so does YouTube
[5:17:29 AM] viewtornado: But it is cheaper to buy from 3rd parties
[5:17:43 AM] Happy Cabbie: No youtube promotes videos they don't sell views
[5:17:46 AM] viewtornado: And actually much better, as YouTube's targeted views is horrible
[5:17:49 AM] viewtornado: Oh really?
[5:17:53 AM] Happy Cabbie: yes really
[5:17:58 AM] viewtornado: When did you look into promotions
[5:18:02 AM] Happy Cabbie: last year
[5:18:06 AM] viewtornado: You're inexperienced and talk much
[5:18:10 AM] viewtornado: Last year? Go check now
[5:18:23 AM] viewtornado: They are selling "impressions"
[5:18:23 AM] Happy Cabbie: I have an active adwords account
[5:18:38 AM] viewtornado: Let me show ya a little something
[5:18:56 AM] viewtornado:
[5:19:03 AM] Happy Cabbie: My only hope in talking to you was to trick you into getting you to spell out how your view bot business worked so I could forward it
[5:19:04 AM] viewtornado: 02/22/12 First view from ad 3,765,669
[5:19:13 AM] Happy Cabbie: Sadly you are not as stupid as I had hoped
[5:19:27 AM] viewtornado: I am not, but I am willing to tell them the problem
[5:19:29 AM] viewtornado: The mobile views one
[5:19:35 AM] Happy Cabbie: Irregardless for your information your website was reported to youtube last week by me
[5:19:42 AM] viewtornado: Yeah, no problems
[5:19:51 AM] Happy Cabbie: You had your chance, you blew it
[5:20:00 AM] Happy Cabbie: I am not giving my contacts to a view botter
[5:20:05 AM] viewtornado: It's a legitimate business, so I don't have a problem there
[5:20:22 AM] viewtornado: However, I do want the mobile views patched
[5:20:25 AM] viewtornado: I mean
[5:20:29 AM] Happy Cabbie: Legitimate business, you think selling fake view bots is a legit business?
[5:20:32 AM] viewtornado: Take a minute to look at the most viewed today
[5:20:37 AM] viewtornado: Who is selling fake view bots?
[5:20:42 AM] Happy Cabbie: you are
[5:20:47 AM] viewtornado: I am not buddy
[5:20:59 AM] Happy Cabbie: how many times do I have to tell you, I have seen your website
[5:21:05 AM] viewtornado: Wow, he have seen my website
[5:21:24 AM] viewtornado: You obviously are really stupid, so you need explanations, which I am not willing to give, but ask yourself this
[5:21:40 AM] Happy Cabbie: Now if you think you have the power to destroy youtube, then in the words of ED, do it faggot
[5:21:44 AM] viewtornado: If it was view bots, how come they come from Facebook and Twitter, and leave legitimate likes/dislikes, comments and maybe subscribe
[5:21:54 AM] viewtornado: You're really professional, aren't you
[5:21:58 AM] viewtornado: "Faggot"
[5:22:06 AM] Happy Cabbie: more professional than a view botter
[5:22:19 AM] *** Happy Cabbie blocked viewtornado ***