Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finally it can be discussed.

Brett Keane made a return to YouTube and one of the people he reached out to was me.  He wanted to talk.  He wanted to make amends again and continue our friendship.  I decided that if we were going to talk I want it recorded.  So I set up a Google Hangout, just the two of us.  I was also aware that this caused our discussion to be public and so it was.  One of the big issues was concerning another user AgentofDoubt.  I was allowing myself to be portrayed as the bad guy and refused to defend myself against his accusations.  Brett Keane has enough haters and I did not want to fuel any more hatred for him.

However, in our Google Hangout the topic came up.  You can see the hesitation on his part to discuss this in a public forum.  After I persisted he relented and we discussed it.  The segment in question is embedded below.

So let's go over the points here.

First off, I was reading the URLs of the videos he made towards me from his Twitter feed.

So this video is about AgentofDoubt and me creating an account just to screw with him.  The account in question was created in 2010.  Hellen and I have worked together on a few things and yes I did give Hellen the links to give AgentofDoubt.  Currently we are not speaking to each other.  However that does not absolve AgentofDoubt of what he did.  He was given URLs to channels and was told they were promoting racism, Such as the channel ObamaNigger  Others were clearly pedo hives.  Such as this channel that obviously has a passion for underage oral.

I think the comment left on his video by this user says it best.

There is a time to promote community and stand up for those who are flagged, but there also comes a time when flagging down a channel is the right thing to do.  Even AgentofDoubt said this at one point in a discussion we had.

But getting back to what Brett and I were discussing.  Brett was an active participant in this experiment.  He knew what was going on and also why it was going on.  Was there truly no flag that AgentofDoubt wouldn't report?  Not only was he willing to include anything in his report but also was willing to copy and paste anything without even the most reasonable of editorial review.  I mean seriously, would you allow this to be posted on your blog?

All he put on his blog was the heading that this was Hellen's report.  Even if you wanted to copy and paste the message given to you, perhaps a little note stating that you don't agree with this message or perhaps something like this?

Instead he does his normal flag recap using THIS thumbnail.

So when you list off channels such as those above, and put them behind a thumbnail that refers to this as a "false flag" and censorship, you are dang skippy I am going to call you out on that.  Not every flag is worthy of being reported.  Sometimes flagging is the right thing to do.  That was my point and people can hate me all they want to for making that point, but I stand by what we did.  That 'WE" includes Brett Keane.

However, after we had a skype call on DisposableGorrila's channel, see above video and then a latter exchange where we agreed to make the videos we did about each other as unlisted, Brett Keane decides he is not satisfied and takes my video without my knowledge or consent and puts it up on his website.  What is worse is that he titled the video.  [Real Name Redacted] AKA AgentofDoubt Post Links to Under Age Porn on Principle  Whereas my video was simply called AgentofDoubt is Defending What?  Brett used a real name something that would come up under a Google search.  To ensure that everyone saw the video he even did a promotional video for it on his YouTube channel.  Of course that channel is no more but here is the link from his Twitter.

This of course got AgentofDoubt really upset.  He posted a video embedded below assuming Brett and I were working in tandem to double cross him.  He also posted on his blog the Skype conversation he had with Brett and you can read that conversation HERE.

I responded to this video on my blog which you can read HERE if you like.  So Brett Keane took an issue that was RESOLVED and decided on his own to stir it up again this time using AgentofDoubt's real name.  The whole time Brett was an informed participant in the experiment with AgentofDoubt.  However, when Brett's YouTube channel was terminated and he posted his video, "HappyCabbie Impotent Abusive Porn Scammer" to his website all of the things Brett Keane did was "mysteriously" absent from his website.

At the time the video was too painful for me to watch.  I do have a copy of it.  In addition to blaming me for the loss of his YouTube account he also puts the entire blame on me for the drama with AgentofDoubt.  Here are some of his twitter posts.

Blaming me for getting his account shut down.

Now in the Google Hangout embedded above you can hear Brett claim to have told AgentofDoubt that he has told him of his involvement with the experiment.  I find that hard to believe for two reasons.  The first has to do with this twitter post.

The second is in the over 9000 videos AgentofDoubt has made since, why is there no mention of Brett Keane's knowledge or involvement.  You can call it a set up all you like, but the fact remains Brett Keane was in on it, yet I was the only one taking the blame for it.  To protect Brett from being vilified any further by his haters I allowed everyone to hate me.  I lost friends over it, good friends.  I can not tell you what a relief it is to finally have this out in the public.

However, it appears that Brett Keane wants bygones to be bygones and to restore our friendship.  For those keeping score this will be the 4th time Brett and I have tried to get past this.  My concern is simply this.  I don't believe I can trust him not to turn on me again.  Essentially when his YouTube channel was terminated last month this is what I felt like he was doing to me.

The timing is just too perfect.  Only when his YouTube channel is taken down does he go at me, claiming to take the high road regarding AgentofDoubt while not disclosing that he was an active participant the whole time.  Then after I agree to call it water under the bridge does he do it again.  On the same day , just 2 hours after I tell him that I failed to get his account reinstated does he post a video called "HappyCabbie not a friend to anyone."  Again we agree to make peace and then when I fail to defend him adequately in a Google Hangout he posts more videos attacking me.  This was after I just spent 7 hours in a Google Hangout that I originally went in all by myself against a room full of Brett's detractors.  Eventually Brett did join the conversation and here is where it went sour.

So after I am done with my current call, William GA wanted to skype me, I talk to Brett and he is not happy because of how I represented him.  I apologize knowing full well that in the morning I would see stuff like this.  More videos attacking me on his website.

So surely you as the reader can understand my concern.  Will he turn on me again if I let him back into my life?  In the Google Hangout we did above he makes reference to a video I posted in 2011 which was an archive of videos from a user named Straightd0pe.  He compares the recent videos he did attacking me to that video.  There are a few flaws in that comparison.

  1. Removing the video won't help.  There are hundreds of copies of that video yet mine is at the top of the search results.  Furthermore, on my video I can moderate the comments, and promote your channel in the video description.
  2. Second, the video is from 2011 prior to us being friends and getting to know each other.
  3. Third over the past year and a half I have done many videos supporting Brett Keane all the while causing a max influx of haters and trolls who hound me on a weekly basis.  
  4. Finally the videos uploaded by Brett in the past were done while I was in the process of trying to get his channel reinstated and while I was defending him from his detractors.
I am willing to give this another shot.  However, the trust is certainly gone.  As far as the daily skype calls from you where we spend hours talking, I am not ready for that again.  I always have to give peace a chance.  I hope that there can finally now be peace, now that the truth is finally out there and the chips will fall where they may.  I don't think the friendship can ever be the same as it was, as there will always be doubt in the back of my mind now.