Sunday, August 16, 2015

Chicken Ranch Brothel Review

The Chicken Ranch is located in Pahrump Nevada an hour drive from Las Vegas. The road to Pahrump is full of hills and sharp turns to it can be difficult to maintain highway speeds. It sits next door to Sheri's Ranch (click here to read my review)  Below is 7 year old video that sadly is still fairly accurate of what the place looks like. I think the furniture needs and upgrade.

Now the ladies advertised on their website are not the same ladies I met my day of the visit. It was explained to me that some ladies only work certain times of the year or that they only work nights, I had made my visit during the day.  I can tell you that there are many ladies NOT featured on their website.  One of these women was in fact larger than me.  All had tattoos and many had botched breast implants that look like it was done by Edward Scissorhands.

The hallway to the bedrooms were very narrow and even though I am not claustrophobic just walking through this place made me feel nervous.  The hostess insisted I sit for a lineup which I did not want to do.  I was not there just to bang some hot chick, I wanted someone I could talk to and not feel rushed.  I was told that if I refused a lienup then I would have to sit in the bar.  The problem I have with lineups is I am simply chosing a lady based on her looks alone, I know nothing about the woman.  How do I know she isn't a nutjob as soon as the door closes?

So I sat in the bar, at least they had country music playing, none of that hip-hop stuff.  One by one the ladies shuffled in the bar and began to talk to me.  The one I was actually interested in, seemed to ignore me so I went off with another.  Financial discussions can only take place in the bedroom.  Then she takes the money to the cashier and then you do what you were there to do.  The lady and I could not come to an agreement on money as I felt $1,500 was too much.

Now what is important to remember is whatever price is agreed upon the lady only keeps half, the other half goes to the brothel.  Out of her cut is fees for room and board, health screenings, and a high tax rate as Nevada funds its budget from sex workers and casinos.  Still $1,500 was too much and I wasn't even there for sex.  So I left.