Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Good Catholic Girl" doesn't want to pay for birth control

Meet Trisha Paytas aka GrindhouseBarbie as it says on her YouTube channel
She is a former stripper and currently a model for several fetish magazines.
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This according to her resume at ModelMayhem I originally found this video because good friend Christine Peace made a video response to it.
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Now getting back to GrindhouseBarbie's argument. Essentially she feels as a tax payer she should not have to pay for Birth Control as it goes against her religious beliefs. Well according to the National Council of Jewish Women in their report on Medicaid Family Planning only 27 states fund birth control through Medicaid. A simple solution would be for her to relocate to one of the 23 states that don't fund birth control through tax payer funds. Of course that may interfere with her modeling career. Planned Parenthood also put out an article worth reading.

Another Catholic Value is to put on a Bikini and do a Molly Ringwald

For the record, I uploaded mine several months before she did. Another Catholic value is to post a video of you in your bra talking about Q-tip fetishes and pretty much do a Molly Ringwald with it. I guess it should be noted that as a "good Catholic girl" she should follow what the bible says and be modest in her dress. 1 Timothy Chapter 2 verse 9 GrindhouseBarbie also says in her video that she is a strong advocate for marriage. Ok, then explain this? And let me just comment on the title and thumbnail, it is obvious what she is trying to imply something naughty. Is this another Catholic value?
Now in conclusion, I would like to stress that I am not attacking GrindhouseBarbie for how she dresses. In a civilized western society we do not cover women in burlap sacks, they have the freedom to dress as they chose, and I support the rights of women to dress however they like. Rather, I found her video criticising the poor who rely on government funded birth control to be elitist and for her to use religion to defend her beliefs was hypocritical in my opinion. A simple glance through her YouTube channel will reveal that there is not a lot of Catholic values in her content. She is simply hiding behind a religion to avoid being criticised for her elitiest views.

Now the states that have had Medicare fund family planning services such as birth control we have found it to be effective. Fewer unwanted pregancies and fewer born into poverty. As a tax payer it is more efficient to pay for some birth control pills than for pre-natal care as well as the possiblity that the child will be raised on things such as food stamps or other government subsidies.

Now yes I do agree, that abstinence is the best way to avoid pregancy. However pregnancy is not the only reason people take birth control pills. A simple search on WEBMD will give you the results.

Religious reasons aside, we all pay for things through our taxes that we may not like. However, as a society we have determined what things we want to pay for. As a society we thought it was beneficial to have libraries, police officers, and in 27 states we thought it was beneficial to offer birth control pills to those on Medicare. If you object to how your tax dollars are being spent you have several options. You can participate in the elections and vote for candidates that share your values. You can even run for office yourself if you wish. California, where you reside, has a ballot initiative process that allows anyone to collect signatures to place a bill on the ballot for people to vote on.

So GrindhouseBarbie quit hiding behind your religion and just come out and say that you don't think that your taxes should go to the poor.