Tuesday, April 10, 2012

HappyCabbie responds to Brett Keane

Today I posted a new video on my channel FacepalmResponse

This video of course was a video response to HappyCabbie helps out posted by Jdubs

I essentially told Jdubs that I was done helping him because all the hatred he receives on YouTube he brought upon himself.  His own actions and behavior has resulted in the scorn he now receives.

Brett Keane then posted a video response.  This blog is going to point by point address his concerns

Ok first 20 seconds in the video Brett Keane says I represent someone who teaches how to report abuse abusive YouTubers?  No citation of this claim is given.  Let me also clear up any misconceptions.  Abusive people will always be on the internet.  The best way to deal with them is to ignore them.  Or you can also chose to mock their efforts as I did in this video.

However, if your ego is so fragile that you can not handle it when people call you names, then perhaps YouTube is not the best place for you.  Say something stupid, and expect to get pwned.  Say something hateful, expect to get hated on.

Brett Keane's next point is that I have engaged in conversation with his haters via twitter.

Well here is Brett Keane talking to one of my haters via Twitter.  https://twitter.com/#!/BrettKeaneBlog/status/189880089159278593

Brett Keane is talking to a known doc dropper, someone who has made 2 death threats and posted them online, someone who has repeatedly accused me of raping children without showing any evidence.  Now should I condemn Brett Keane for talking to Corky?  Of course not.  Brett Keane has the right to talk to anyone he choses.  I think the same rule should apply towards me.  

At one minute into the video Brett Keane laments about how I don't know of any abuse Jdubs has received. That is technically taking my words out of context.  You can read the comment exchange between us and you will see that Brett Keane said, 

Can you explain why you endorse a known racist who has been banned and threatened to kill people on you tube named Coughlan616. Also a you tuber named Shredder who has plenty of clips showing him attacking children which also caused many of his channels to go down? Since you care so much I figured I'd let you know what's up since you seem out of the loop about your friends you promote.

To which I replied with,

Simple, in my opinion Coughlan616 is not a racist. If you wish to provide evidence to the contrary, then do so.
The same can be said for Shredder, no known clips of him attacking children that I know of. He did make a video response to ThatSoJack but if you recall Jack brought the wrath of the internet upon himself by attempting to silence free speech on the internet.
If you have proof of Shredder attacking children, go and provide it.

 Notice how he took my words out of context and made it appear that I had no idea of the type of hatred that Jdubs gets.  I am well aware of the number of people who hate Jdubs.  Many of his haters are my friends.  Now because I am friends with someone that he doesn't like does that mean that I am a vile person?  No.  I have a few friends who are also friends with LifeInATent.  Now while I consider LifeinATent to be one of the most loathsome people on the internet, I have no issue with people who want to be his friend.  I just scratch my head and look puzzled as they do so.  Likewise I have the right to be friends with anyone that I chose.  I judge my friendships on their individual merits and character, not whether or not they are friends with someone I hate.

The issue was simple.  He accused Coughlan616 of being a racist.  I have not seen any evidence of that.  I am not saying that Coughlan is NOT a racist, only that I have not seen evidence that he is.  Furthermore, I have not seen evidence of Coughlan threatening to kill anyone.  In addition, I have not seen evidence that Shredder attacks children.  Such a claim requires evidence.  For example, a few people posted that Jdubs threatened the President of the United States.  You can read my comments on my video asking for proof.

Anyway they finally did provide their proof.  I will let you make up your own mind.  Forward to 2:30 and you will here him say that we should impeach him, hang him, assassinate him.

Now back to Brett Keane's video.  At 1:33 he reads Napalm's comment.

Everyone knows I was behind the flagging attacks that crippled your old channels and if push came to shove again Brett, I'd bet they'd be happy to do it again. So know your place here on YT little boy.

Brett Keane responded with

You admit to false flagging right on Cabbie's channel. Good for you. Now we will see if Cabbie will read this and the right thing. Or will he follow the wolf pack. 

Now, I was not aware that Napalm led a flagging campaign on Brett Keane's channel.  I will also say that I condemn Napalm for that.  What I will say is that Brett and Jdub have both admitted to and posted videos of themselves flagging videos and Brett is a known abuser of the DMCA.  This is not to say that I am against flagging.  Flagging is a very important tool to report videos to YouTube.  Things like porn, animal cruelty, hate speech, ect.  However, trying to flag down videos just because you don't like someone is not something I can support.  Brett and Jdubs are famous for using the flagging system to take down people they don't like.  Of course when people flag them, they call it "False Flagging" because they "never violate the TOS."  I will let Megatron respond to Brett Keane

 At 2:18 Brett Keane starts pulling out ideas from his behind.  Never have I stated that I work for YouTube or Google for that matter.  I only help out in the YouTube help forums when I can but as far as having a Bat Phone straight into YouTube's office I don't have it.  If I did, don't you think I would get my own video unflagged by now.  (I got flagged last month)

At 2:38 more conspiracy theories.  Coughlan and I don't talk much.  We tweet each other now and then and we are subscribed to each other, but that is it.  I don't even have him on Skype.  I have Brett Keane on skype but we only talked once.  The same is true for Shredder and many others who are part of the Brett Keane haters club.  Furthermore, Brett Keane points to when Thunderf00t made reference to me helping out Coughlan.  When did this happen?  No citation is given.

At 2:52 Brett Keane points out that he has sent me all this proof of what he is saying.  I can tell you no such proof has arrived.  Here is my inbox.

I even allowed for the possibility that there could be something wrong with my channel.  So I asked people on Twitter to send me PM's as you can see from the above video about 3 people did.  I am more than willing to look at the evidence he has, but so far he hasn't sent it over.  He is not blocked so I don't know what his issue is.

At 3:13 Brett Keane states that he is going to report me to Google Adsense.  Feel free to do so.


Just remember I am a Top Contributor in that forum as well.

At 3:23 in the video Brett asks a question as how YouTube will respond to someone with as many subscribers as I have trolling other users.  To this I would have to ask.  Who am I trolling?  I made a video response to Jdubs.  Making a video response explaining why I am done helping someone is trolling?

Finally Brett Keane ends his video with a hit of a LOLsuit.  All I can do is laugh at that.

Brett Keane and Jdubs, you have the reputation you have on this site because you WANTED it.  You two were the ones who decided to abuse the DMCA.  You two were the ones who decided to use the DMCA to drop people's docs.  You two were the ones who started posting videos bragging about flagging down other people only to cry foul when it happened to you.  If you want to be treated differently, act differently.