Saturday, April 28, 2012

I actually Answered Brett Keane's Question last year

Brett Keane posted a video today responding to my question. Essentially my question was how he could justify his presence on a website whose sole purpose is doc dropping, trolling, and harassing other users. So far he has avoided this question. Instead Brett Keane asked me a question that essentially I answered a year ago.

Well here is my answer

The video of course is 16 minutes long. The TL:DR version is essentially I have a desire to see Corky become self-sufficient. I posted this video shortly after I purchased him a brand new computer. Corky posted a video asking his subscribers for a Netbook so he can work on his script and become a successful actor. I went to Best Buy told them what his computing needs were and was told a Netbook was not powerful enough. So I bought him a brand new computer. In order to get the two year warranty I had to provide an address. I had to sit down with the manager for almost an hour explaining why I couldn't do that. In the end he agreed to use the store's address instead, although they actually tried talking me out of buying the computer when I explained why I couldn't list my address on the warranty.

Now I know that Corky is not going to be self sufficient because he refuses to take the steps necessary to do so. Rather than pay for an apartment or a room to rent he prefers to be homeless and pay dues to Toastmasters and spend money on getting head shots. However, I simply have a unhealthy desire to see him self-sufficient. I recognize that my desire to see him self-sufficient is unhealthy and yes I did actually go to counseling over this. The school I attended at that time offered this service to me for free. Sadly though not much good came out of it and the therapist actually ended the sessions.

Now lets address the second point Brett Keane made. He claims that Corky has made it clear that he does NOT want to move in with me again and never has. Interesting. Anyways, I would encourage you to read the PMs we sent to each other about this time last year. We were discussing him moving in with me.

Brett Keane's third question is why do I keep posting so many videos about Corky. The answer is two fold. In most cases, unlike the people Brett Keane mentioned (Thunderf00t, TheAmazingAtheist) I usually respond to criticism. The second is I actually have gone long periods of time without responding to him. Let's not forget that as soon as he moved out he started sending messages to my friends. He then started posting videos. This started in November of 2009. I didn't even acknowledge that we were fighting until months later.

However I actually addressed this concern back in January. In the video description you can actually see the list of videos I made about him and the reasons for posting each video. You will see in just about every case, the video I posted about him is a refutation of his latest accusation against me.

Now right now most of the videos defending myself are set to unlisted. I have left a few of them up but most of them are unlisted right now. Right now I don't have any plans on making them public again but it I may change my mind in the future who knows. In my opinion I have a right to challenge accusations made against me. Let's not forget we are talking about a person who has not only accused me of raping him, but also attacking a 14 year old girl. Let's not forget the video HappyCabbie commits mail fraud. Let's not forget the video HappyCabbie is a domestic terrorist. In my opinion I have a right to challenge those type of accusations.

Now let's review my accusations I made against him. I have accused him of not wanting to get a job, based on 3 videos he has made where he states clearly that he does not want to get a job. I have accused him of doc dropping, based on videos he has posted where he has done just that. I have accused him of claiming that I am a pedophile, based on videos he has posted where he claims that I am a pedophile.

In conclusion, I recognize that my desire to see Corky become self-sufficient is not healthy. It is self-destructive and by continuing to help him I am basically an enabler. However, it is a desire that I have. YouTube is no longer my primary source of income. As I continue to grow doing what I am doing now, I will probably soon earn enough money to actually pay for an apartment for him. I hope I don't wind up paying for his apartment, but in all honesty I probably will someday.