Friday, April 27, 2012

Clarifications for Corky

Well Corky posted a video today as a response to the Brett Keane/HappyCabbie debate going on right now on the FacepalmResponse channel.

So lets clear up some of the things he said in error.

Point 1
I think this is more of a misunderstanding than anything else. In my recent video to Brett Keane I stated that I was only with Corky for about 3 weeks while he had his apartment. Here is the facts. I arrived back in Arizona after some friends paid for a bus ticket for me to try and get my old job back after I had lost everything in Joplin MO. My date of arrival was December 13, 2008. I got my first temporary home on December 26, 2008. It was a hotel that a friend paid for. Here is the question, if I was living with Corky at the time, why would I use the money for a hotel? I moved into my permanent home towards the end of January 2009 and uploaded a video tour of my new place February 1, 2009

For example I still have the PMs Corky and I sent to each other regarding shower arrangements. If I was living there, why would I send him messages about wanting to shower.

Shortly after I got my place, he lost his job and moved in with me. Lived with me rent free for 10 months.

Point 2
My urination on the floor was discussed on my video Defending Myself Against Accusations. If you want to hear about that claim you can view it here Forward to 12:34 into the video.

Point 3
Corky refutes my claim that he chooses to be homeless. Well as my readers know I offered him a second chance and a free place to live twice in the past 12 months. However even if he does not want to move in with me, he has been told numerous times how to secure housing. I even posted a video once when it became clear that his RV that he was living in was about to break down.

It appears now that his RV is no longer running and is at risk of being towed. If that happens he can simply look up on Craiglist and under the rooms shared category you can find lots of places to live under $500. Here is the search results for any place to live under 400 per month.

Also at 7 minutes into Corky's video he states that 400 per month is just past half his income. The last I heard his Social Security check was $500 per month, it appears it may have gone up to almost 800 now. Here is the thing, lots of people in the LA area live off of Social Security. Renting an apartment is probably not the best deal for you, but renting a room from someone certainly is. You chose not to do this, instead you insist on wanting to live in the upper class part of town and then proclaim that the rent is to damn high. Find a place within your means and live there.

Anyway the rest of the video talks about unemployment but all you have to do is search for Corky's past videos about work and how much he doesn't want a job and you will see that once again he is willfully homeless.