Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taking down the Corky Videos Again

Well today I decided to give Corky another chance. For those who do not know he recently lost his latest account for threatening another user.

Specifically leaving a comment on a video saying "lots of news stories about victims of bullies putting and end to the bullying once and for all with lethal consequences for the bullies. Take note"

You can see a screen shot of this comment yourself by going to this video

It appears this user has reported the comment and that got Corky's latest channel shut down. Anyway, I have decided to take down the Corky videos a 5th time in a good faith effort to give him a fresh start. I am well aware that most of you will disagree with this decision, but hopefully the loss of his latest account has caused him to look back on his past and hopefully change for the better. Everyone deserves a second chance, still others deserve a 5th chance.

I have decided to leave a few videos up. For example on the FacepalmResponse channel I have left up a video advising him on how to avoid suspension, hopefully one day he watches it. I have also left up on the HappyCabbie channel Defending Myself Against Accusations and the follow up video Is It Slander to Post Someone's Death Threat. I also have left up the video I made when he lost TheRealNickBravo account, where I ask people to leave him alone. The final video I have left up is the Corky Bravo Balloon video. That one is just too funny. The rest I have taken down. They are set to unlisted which means they will play if they are embedded on websites but won't show up in search results.

Hopefully Corky has learned something from the loss of his latest account and will no longer threaten other people on this website. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and give him another chance.

UPDATE: Corky is not satisfied.

Let's take a look at this point by point.

Point number 1.
I did not take down a few videos. I took down pretty much all of them except for the balloon video parody, and 3 videos I made that best articulate my defenses against the accusations he has made against me. I also left up the Sexy Dance video because I love it so much. However none of these videos slander or defame you. Most of these videos each countered assesments you have made against me. The rest were either colabs we did when we lived together, or are parody videos. In total there were over 50 videos made by me. I think 7 of them are still up.

Slander is making a false statement about someone that damages their reputation. Can Corky point to a single time where I have ever stated a false statement that damages his reputation. I do not deny that some of my videos did damage his reputation, however the key is the word FALSE STATEMENT. Everything I said I backed up with proof, usually with links back to his own videos.

Defamation is essentially communicating something that harms someone's reputation. For example, posting a video claiming that someone raped a 14 year old girl might defame a person's reputation. However posting a video refuting that claim, which is what I did, would not be defamation. However my video refuting his accusation is now unlisted while copies of the original accusation remain.

Let's continue on with Corky's video about this blog

Point number 2.
Nope the death threat videos were taken down yesterday. What is still up is my video response to him called, Is It Slander to Post Someone's Death Threat. It is a very long video but like most of my other videos it responds to accusations he has made against me. This video also documents his multiple versions of why he posted that death threat on BlogTV. Furthermore, let us not forget that he at one time finally came clean and apologized for that threat.

Point number 3
Corky feels that my gesture does not make up for the years of slander, defamation, or lies I have said against him. However he is not able to cite a single instance where I have slandered, defamed, or lied about him. Over the past two years I have asked for evidence of this and he has refused each and every time. He claims that I have told people he is dangerous. Well his own actions tell people that. Have I told people he is a criminal? No. What I have told people was that he was arrested for shoplifting but that is it. Was he not arrested for shop lifting? Google the words Salami Nuggets and Corky is the second search result that comes up. Finally the reason people think he is crazy is because of his videos he has posted himself where he proclaims himself to be Christ.

Point number 4
Corky claims that in 2008 he was no longer able to afford to pay rent and that I was demanding sex from him. This is just plain laughable. In 2008 I was in Joplin, MO struggling to keep my balloon business afloat and eventually lost my house because I could no longer afford the rent. By summer I was living in my car. This is why you see so many of my 2008 video taking place in public. In December my car broke down and dragged my down the road and I was sent to the hospital only to find out later that my car was impounded with everything I owned. I had the clothes I was wearing and my laptop computer.

Corky was nice enough to let me shower at his place a few times a week when I moved back to Phoenix in December of 2008. He even let me sleep on the couch once when it was raining. However I did not get a place to live until around Christmas time when someone sent me some money for a hotel. I later got my old job back (the one I had prior to starting my own business) and then managed to get a studio apartment.

3 weeks after I got my place Corky lost his when he was fired from the Conveniece Store he was working at. I offered him a place to stay and he stayed with me until November of 2009. The only reason he moved out was because I got sick and lost my job and could no longer support him. My girlfriend was kind enough to pay my rent for a few months however it was her demand that he move out. When he refused to do so, she arranged for me to move into a new apartment. All these events were documented in video, which of course is now unlisted. Had I never gotten sick, most likely, Corky would still be living with me rent free.

Point number 5
I honestly have no clue why he keeps repeating the claim that I demanded sex from him. Previously he claimed that I had raped him. So which is it. Did I demand sex from him or did I just take it. Again, accusations with no proof. He lived with me rent free for 10 months and only started making a fuss when I could no longer provide for him.

Point 6
He claims that he has always been honest. Why then does so many of his videos contradict each other. For example he showed us his new house that he was living in but in actuality they were two different houses. In my video Is It Slander to Post Someone's Death Threat I document his multiple versions of what happened. Why has there never been any evidence of this 14 year old girl I supposedly raped? Finally your channels get suspended for TOS. Learn to follow the rules of this website and you won't keep getting shut down.

Point 7
I have not done everything I can to destroy your reputation. I have done what I could in order to protect mine. Accusations of rape, molestation, mail fraud yes he actually accused me of mail fraud once, are accusations that I have to respond to. If you either stop making these accusations or finally produce evidence for them perhaps I might stop responding to them. With you I have done quite the opposite. I have taken down the videos 5 times. I purchased a brand new computer, I offered you a place to live so you wouldn't be homeless any more. Would a person who seeks to destroy your reputation do any of this?

Point 8
The reason people keep you at arms length is because of how you act and conduct yourself. That has nothing to do with me. The videos that make you look like a "monster" as you put it, were posted by you, not me.

Point 9
I don't know who SpiteBravo is. The only troll of yours that I know the real identity of is AtheistIsland and the only thing I will say is that this person has been a subscriber of mine for a few years.

So I hope that clears things up for you Corky. I do wish you well in life.