Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To BionicDance, don't dignify this with a response

A person who used you as a weapon to attack me, during a time he was claiming to be my friend, now wants to take up your Friday night wants your valuable time.

A person who posted nude photos of you on the internet without your knowledge or consent and tried to justify this abhorrent behavior because you told him to drop dead is only interested in the traffic your channel will bring to him.

Here is a person who just in the past two days has turned his back on the few friends he has left on YouTube simply because they are atheists.  (He is now a theist but has rejected the Christian label)

Now Brett Keane and I ended our friendship a few months back.  Even still he has made attempts to restart the friendship even as recently as a month ago when my YouTube channel went down.  I was able to suffer his betrayal, but when he crossed the line by posting your nudes that was it.  Still I tried to remain civil.

That was probably a mistake.  The logic that I don't understand now, is his treatment of the few friends he has left.  His demand that in order to be his friend you must only associate with people he approves of is arrogant and I can not imagine anyone settling for that.

In addition he is turning his back on any one who is an atheist.  Even PatCondell.

While I can understand his frustration of atheists on YouTube.  (understand not agree with, as Brett has done many things on the internet worthy of contempt such as going after people's children.)  Hardly a case can be made about PatCondell being a drama whore.  He just uploads a video every few weeks about Muslims and that is it.

While he is rejecting any religious label and simply identifying as a theist his espoused views are certainly Christian themed.  With quoting Bible Verses in his videos and talking about God's plan of redemption.

However the most disturbing part of his new belief in God is the apparent sadistic pleasure he derives from the thought of people burning in hell.

Brett is this really the best way to spread the message of God.  As a former believer in God who once had a passion for winning souls for Jesus, I can tell you that your message of self righteousness is doomed to fail and is only going to turn people away.  This is why in my previous blog post I suggested that you find a local house of worship and submit to the leadership of a local preacher.

BionicDance, Friday nights are yours to go out and enjoy yourself.  If you do decide to stay home there are plenty who would enjoy talking to you and won't disrespect you, interrupt you, and treat you like garbage.

Brett Keane can't even be decent to his own friends.  How do you expect him to be decent to you?  Kindly ignore him and spend Friday night with people who like you.

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Finally, I would conclude with this.



BionicDance has stated on twitter that she has no intention of wasting her time talking to Brett and I am happy that she has refused.  Why waste time talking to someone who detests you and can't even be civil with his own friends?

Naturally, this caused Brett to claim victory.  LOL

You are kidding right???

Brett you are going down the same road that you have before.  Doing these type of videos is what got your channel terminated last 30 something times.  You never learn.  BionicDance knows how to be a friend, you do not.