Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Listing the lies: Pwnage should not be this easy

The safest place in the world is between Brett Keane and the truth.  It is a void of empty space and it covers a great distance.  Anyway, in retaliation for a message I asked a mutual friend to pass on, Brett decided to post a video with the hope of pulling off two goals.  One, make himself look good and make people forget what they saw with their own eyes.  The second, to make himself look good in the only way he knows how, by tearing down others more popular than he is.  (Such as he did with his recent attempt with AronRa, which may warrant a blog of it's own, unless someone else steps in.)  Anyway, as par for the course, Brett relies on his audience not spending 30 seconds to check the facts.  So here they are.  The full list of lies Brett managed to fit into 12 minutes and 33 seconds

  1. 0:38 No I did not make Corky out to look like a piece of garbage.  I simply did with him, what I am doing with you, Brett.  Pointing out the lies and showing proof that you are making stuff up often times by playing back your own words.  Let's not forget it was Corky himself that said his own videos make him look bad.  Let's not forget the type of things I was responding to.  Corky made repeated claims without evidence that I was a pedophile a rapist, a domestic terrorist. a rapist, a murderer, ect.  Even during all of this when he asked his audience to give him a computer, I was the only one who did.  My kindness was rewarded with the accusation that I installed a keylogger on it and hacked his facebook account.  Then after all that when he was being evicted I still offered him a place to live.
  2. 0:54 Brett is repeating the claims from the video HappyCabbie The Sadistic Invalid where Corky claims that he played nurse maid to me and did NOT spend most of his day at the FreedomsPhoenix headquarters or at acting class.  What Brett is NOT telling you is that this video was already discredited with my video, Defending Myself Against Accusations, where I showed video evidence that what Corky was saying about me was full of lies.  I even showed a clip of Corky admitting that he lived with me rent free and was not doing his part in keeping the place clean.  There was even a famous video of him lecturing me about the peons who work for less than 10 dollars an hour and how his time is worth more, all the while I was supporting the both of us on 9 dollars an hour.  No Brett the reason Corky had to move out is because that was the terms and conditions I had to agree to.  I had fallen ill, and was unable to work.  Other people were paying my bills.  Those other people demanded that he move out.  When he refused, it was arranged for me to move out and I got a new apartment
  3. 1:07 Corky was not thrown out on the streets.  First he was given over a month's notice that he had to find another place to live.  Second he found a place to live right away.  He was living in the FreedomsPhoenix building.  He had a roof over his head, and income that he was making from selling his blood plasma plus what ever other income he was able to secure.  He was not actually homeless until Charles Douglas promised him a job and failed to provide one when Corky arrived.  As a result, you saw many videos from Corky in this time filming from the woods where he was obviously camping.  You can see him address and vent his frustration at the city council here.  For those who recall, when Corky announced that he had a job waiting for him in Humboldt County, I posted a video raising money for his bus fare to get there.  Corky did not have a paypal so all the donations went to Charles Douglas.  So Charles Douglas is to blame for him freezing in the cold hard winter of Humboldt County by luring him up there with the false hope of employment.  
  4. 1:39 I misrepresented Corky as being a pyschopath?  I did not such thing.  I merely defended myself against his accusations and often did so by playing back his own words.  In regards to the infamous Death Threat Corky himself even admits that he was wrong for doing that. why can't you Brett?  Why can't you admit that getting on BlogTv and waving a knife and duct tape into the camera while talking about having a chat with me might be perceived as a death threat?  And for the record it is NOT slander to post someone's death threat online.  
  5. 1:46 for years I have humiliated Corky in every single way?  You serious brah?  Here is a person who has lost account after account for the same infraction every single time.  Posting my docs online, harassing other users such as Sheri226 by making sexual remarks about her daughters for the simple sin of her being my friend.  Let's never forget that Corky started it with Sheri226.  And while I will admit that Sheri226 can go a bit overboard for my taste, I have no pity for people who go after other people's children.  Likewise I have no pity for Brett Keane when he went after JohnCWilson and got the CPS involved with him, nor when he made the BASELESS accusation of child abuse against KaptainObvious81.  You don't have to take my word for it, click on their user names and contact them yourselves and they will tell you exactly what happened.  No what I did was reply to accusations of rape, pedophilia, murder, terrorism, ect that Corky made with absolutely no evidence.  Oh and I make a joke about his bad teeth.  As you know Brett Keane has never ever made jokes about someone else's appearance.  
  6. 2:10 Bull Fricken Winkle.  I did NOT set up AgentofDoubt to look like a pedophile on the internet.  I do have to give you props to saying that with a straight face when you know that your audience already knows the truth.  http://happycabbie.blogspot.com/2013/07/finally-it-can-be-discussed.html  Everyone knows what AgentofDoubt was doing and I wanted to see exactly what he was willing to put under his banner of false flagging.  So me, Brett, and a few others got involved and he was given a list.  To everyone's surprise he republished the text word for word.  There truly was nothing that AgentofDoubt wouldn't report.  This all took place in May.  In fact as everyone knows http://happycabbie.blogspot.com/2013/07/finally-it-can-be-discussed.html even after AgentOfDoubt and I put this to rest, Brett decided he wasn't satisfied and stole my video without my knowledge or consent reposted it, after Agent and I had agreed to set both of ours to unlisted (a deal he later backed out of but I am still honoring) and changed the title to [insert agent's real name] posts links to under age porn on principle.  So Brett Keane was the one labeling him as a pedophile in that name and doc dropping AgentofDoubt while doing so.  My video on him was merely calling him out on his decision to put even the most vile of offences under the protection of his false flagging report, nothing more nothing less.  This is your problem Brett.  You think that people are to lazy not to look things up for themselves or that their memory is so poor they can't even remember what you did a few months ago.  You didn't try to stop me, you were an informed participant.  You only developed your "conscience" about this AFTER your channel was terminated.  You then turned on the one friend who was trying to help you get your account reinstated and when you got impatient you posted a series of videos of exagerations and flat out lies.  I remained silent allowing you to attack me, as I thought it would pass and the friendship would continue.  I also knew very few would take what you had to say seriously.  
  7. 3:32 Brett may have taken Corky on as a friend but let's be honest here.  Corky has a well known habit of latching on to anyone he perceives as my enemy.  Before Brett Keane and I were friends we were having a video exchange During this time Corky was making pro-Brett videos.  Once Brett and I became friends, Corky's tune changed and he started doing anti-Brett videos.  Then and only when I failed to get your account reinstated and you turned on me, did Corky all of a sudden take interest in you again.  You can not deny this.  
  8. 4:14 Brett again lies and says that the videos I did in my underwear dancing is what got my channels terminated by YouTube.  Not only is this not true, but even Brett Keane himself KNOWS this is not true.  However, Brett Keane has no problem with lying to his audience so long as he get's to filter out the comments that call him out on his bullwinkle.  As everyone KNOWS my main channel was terminated for violating the trademark policy that YouTube has.  My other channels were taken down for copyright violations.  YouTube has still not given me the URLs that I require to fill out the counter-notices to get my account reinstated.  The only flag I got recently was for one of my flag week videos, however that flag was appealed and the video was reinstated.  Fun fact, did you know that my video Twerking Fail is going to be on MTV and they offered to pay 300 dollars to use it?  Did you know that instead I had them donate to the DoctorsWithoutBorders charity event that Dprjones is organizing on their behalf.  For the record this will be the third time my man tits will be on national television.
  9. 4:48 Bullwinkle.  I did not send a bunch of messages to your friends Brett.  Sure would like to have some kind of proof of this accusation Brett?  No I sent one message to one mutual friend.  That is right InventorGorilla is also my friend.  And yes that message I sent him was intended for you.  You were doing a live Google Hangout and IG was one of the participants.  I was listening.  After you intentionally lied to your live audience and told them that Corky was in a troll room, I sent that message.  That is NOT what PeaceInChristAlone told you.  You put false words in his mouth.  Corky was NOT in a troll room, he was in a blogtalkradio being interviewed and treated with respect by the host of the Stoned Monkey Podcast, MindLiberationArmy.  Apparently during the broadcast the police showed up.  FYI I was responsible for that.  While Corky has made suicide threats before, he has not had access to guns before.  Even though I knew this was probably another cry for attention, I decided to play it safe.  I knew where he lived.  The guy posted it himself on his IMDB page and over 9000 people told me about it.  FYI I alerted Corky to this and his page now goes to a mailbox.  Don't ask me for his address, even though he freely gives out mine, I will not do the same to him.  Once I knew that Corky was ok, Mike10dude informed me via twitter that he was on the blogtalkradio, I was happy.  You were not.  Like a BITCH you were mad that he was NOT talking to you.  So you lied to your audience, put words in PeaceInChristAlone's mouth and changed the title of your Google Hangout from "Nick We Do Care" to something more generic.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO1kNLLkyUg  I sent that message to InventorGorilla because I wanted him to read it to you live on the air so you could know what a vile selfish whiny bitch you really are who thinks of nobody but yourself.  You and I get the same information, Corky says he is going to kill himself.  Your solution:  Start a Google Hangout and hope that if he is still alive he is in the mood to talk to the same person who just the other day said he was ending the friendship.  My solution, play it safe and call the police to do a safety check on him. For the record, the police showed up during the radio broadcast.  The only people on the show were MindLiberationArmy, VlogRays and Corky.  Not trolls.  You lied Brett.  Typical.
  10. 5:29 I and my buddies made accusations against you?  [citation needed]  Unless we are using the Corky definition of slander in which merely responding to baseless accusations with video proof contradicting those accusations is somehow harmful to the one make baseless accusations.  
  11. 5:37 I never defended Brett Keane or supported Brett Keane.  Ok then I guess these links do not work.  http://happycabbie.blogspot.com/2012/08/feeling-used.html  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFBqQ-CZSFI  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5uvaCPwvPw  plus many more on the HappyCabbie channel before it went down.  Furthermore, ask KaptainObvious81 about the messages I was sending him trying to convince him that deep down Brett Keane was a good person despite the unprovoked attack that Brett did on his children.  Then there was the time I went into a room of 7 Brett haters and took them all on my myself.  (FYI this was just day or so after he posted his first attack video on me for failing to get his account reinstated)
  12. 5:58 you did not try and stop me from what I was "doing with agent of doubt" you were an informed participant who only got his conscience after I had failed to get your YouTube account reinstated and you decided to use it was a weapon against me.  Isn't it nice that I have all this recorded on video??? http://happycabbie.blogspot.com/2013/07/finally-it-can-be-discussed.html
  13. 6:10 let's discuss this YouTube account I created for you.  You told me you had lost your AdSense account, so you had no way to make money from your videos anymore.  Furthermore, you were also upset that you keep getting your accounts shut down by YouTube.  Perhaps if you learn to follow the terms of service that wouldn't happen.  No, it is always someone else's fault isn't it Brett?  So I came up with a solution.  I asked my network if I could do a colab channel with someone who had their adsense account banned.  I told them I would be in control of the channel and that I would have the password.  And for ten months that is how it was.  I promoted your channel and kept it strike free for 10 months.  Then I have the audacity to start bleeding and get rushed to the ER via ambulance and leave my computer on and I get to return home to THIS.  You accusing me of stealing money from you.  Needless to say, I hand the account over to you and two months later after reverting back to your old ways you get your account banned.  I worked hard on building that channel up.  I had pride in that channel, and you destroyed all that work.  And no it did not take 5 minutes to set that channel up with a partnership.  I had to get clearance from the owner of the network.  This took days to accomplish.  I had to explain exactly what I was doing and why.  
  14. 6:33 I made things worse for Brett Keane, his wife and his family.  [citation needed brah]
  15. 6:35 I made things consistently worse for Corky by doing things such as buying him computers, and offering him places to live, and asking people to leave him alone.  Yes I have been a real jerk.  
  16. 7:06 I am NOT responsible for Corky being put out on the street.  Charles Douglas is.  Charles Douglas lured him away from Phoenix where he had a roof over his head with a false promise of a job and only later did Corky discover there was no job, it was a volunteer position for a online newpaper that updates a few times per year.  He didn't even offer Corky a place to live, instead he lived outside in the woods camping.  Again the only reason we parted ways at all is because I had fallen ill and was not working and I could no longer pay my bills.  Other people were paying them and THEIR condition was that Corky had to move out, had I not gotten sick he might still be living with me rent free.  It is when Corky refused to move out, that a new home was set up for me.  
  17. 7:45 Brett is so full of poop his eyes are turning brown.  You removed people from your skype because they were Atheists.  You removed people from your skype because they were talking to people you did not approve of.  That is why you ended your friendship with Corky, because he particpated in THIS.  Your own words betray you Brett http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIyE-nolqAI  Corky dared to talk to people you don't approve of, and refused to defend your bullwinkle.
  18. 8:31 finally Brett says something that is true.  He did once say if I ever fell on hard times I could stay with him.  Wow something actually true in this bullwinklefest.  
  19. 9:15 you are not going to sit and watch Corky "destroy his life" as you describe it.  Well let's see shall we.  Which one of us is living his dream, drives a brand new car, and has tons of money.  Yeah, Corky's life sure does suck right now doesn't it?  His home is better than my home, he got his teeth fixed, while you still can't even pay for a simple extraction.  Corky even landed the lead role in a low budget independent film.  For years Corky posted videos about not wanting to work, and how work is beneath him.  I was chief among those critical of his views on work.  Especially when I worked nights on 9 bucks an hour while he referred to those who work for less than 10 bucks an hour as peons, and the uneducated masses.  He proved that you do not need to work in order to strike it rich, and I am happy for his success.
  20. 10:25 I could understand how the title of your video "Good Bye Nick Bravo" could be misinterperted as Goodbye instead of it's true intention of talk to you when you get better.  [The Brett Keane Dictionary defines "Get Better" as:  Agreeing to only talk to people that Brett Keane approves of, and agreeing to defend whatever angle Brett is playing up to this week, no matter how contradictory it is to previous weeks behavior.]  Notice how Brett never parted ways with Corky over his drinking until Corky dared to do THIS.
  21. 10:57 a flat out lie.  First let's lay down the facts.  There was 8 hours from when Corky posted his suicide threat until I turned on my computer and became aware of it.  During this time you were also doing your Google Hangout.  So he did NOT post a suicide threat and then go hangout with trolls, he posted a suicide threat, and thankfully chose not to act.  Instead he appeared on a blogtalk radio program called the Stoned Monkey Podcast where he was SCHEDULED to be on and they were there to interview him about the new movie he was in.  The only people in the blogtalk radio program was the host of the show, MindLiberationArmy, and VlogRays, two people who Corky considers friends.  This is what PeaceInChristAloneTold you, why are you insistant on lying?  Show us the message.  I already saw what he sent you, let's see how good your photoshop skills are dude.  You are just being a whiny bitch because he wasn't talking to you.  Dude you told him the friendship was over you sick twisted smurf!  Why should he talk to you.  When I found out he was alive I was happy, you were pissed that he was talking to his FRIENDS, and not someone who cut him off just two days ago.  You threw a tantrum, I know I was listening. Here is the full unedited video.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO1kNLLkyUg#t=3h26m33s  And in case you take it down I got copies
  22. 11:36 I can't blame you for me "screwing over AgentofDoubt"  First I did no such thing.  However, I can say you did put the screws to AgentofDoubt when you doc dropped him and stole my video without my knowledge or consent and put his name next to the words "child porn" for the sole purpose of stirring up drama for views.  I am so happy I got you to admit all this on a RECORDED VIDEO CALL.  http://happycabbie.blogspot.com/2013/07/finally-it-can-be-discussed.html  By the way Brett, that video will NEVER disappear.  Even if you get mine taken down, too many other people have copies.  What I did to AgentOfDoubt was simply call him out on what he was actually doing.  Putting anything and everything under the umbrella of his false flag reports, no matter how vile the content was that was being flagged.  
  23. 11:46 Actually there was a lot of support for me Brett, a lot of it ended when I became friends with you and started to defend your actions on the internet.  I got what I deserved for that lack of judgement.  Just like every other friend you have had on YouTube, the break up is the same story. You are always the one that ends the friendship over some bullwinkle in your head, then you decide to make the breakup as public as possible and then you go out of your way to destroy their reputation by posting lies and exagerations about them.  Yet, despite this, you always seem to manage to attract new friends who ignore all the warnings from the internet.  
  24. 12:15 No what you are supposed to do is be a good friend.  If you were truly Corky's friend you would not have made your break up public.  You would have messaged him privately and said that until he get's his drinking in order you can't be friends any more.  No instead what you did is you made a public video trashing him to all of your subscribers and justified it because he dared go into a Google Hangout where he was treated with respect and dignity and the topic of the discussion was YOU and the shenanigans you were up to.  Quit lying Brett.  We all know the real reason you ended your friendship dude.  It has nothing to do with his drinking.
You know pwnage should not be this easy.  Sometimes I think you actually believe your own lies.  What saddens me is that someone else does too

So it saddens me that one person believes your lies, we all know the truth.  You are having to moderate your comments on this video like a boss, because the majority of the people saw through the lies and took the time to fact check.  

You owe Corky an apology dude, you owe PeaceInChristAlone an apology for putting words in his mouth, you owe your audience an apology for assuming they are blind sheep who know they better follow orders or else be cut off.  You are a piece of work that is for sure.  Corky is better off with you out of his life.  Hopefully he will not make the same mistake I did and continue to give you chance after chance.

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