Thursday, September 26, 2013

The video I wish I could have made

Two days ago I posted this blog

It was a response to the inflamatory video by Brett Keane and I listed each lie one by one documenting links to evidence when I had them.  Sadly not everything could be documented as I no longer had YouTube videos on my channel but thankfully someone else has copies.

I don't know why YTLulzTheater decided to step up and take time out of his day to post these two videos but I do thank him.  One small correction though, I contest the claim that Corky served as nurse to my medical needs.  First that claim was debunked in my video Defending Myself Against Accustations.  Second, I only fell ill in the final month we lived together.  When I was not able to work, he spent most of his days at the FreedomsPhoenix building, or at acting classes.  However it is a minor point and irregardless I do thank you for putting together these two videos.

FYI after I posted my blog, Brett removed his video.  I was not able to get a copy so if someone can send a message to YTLulzTheater and ask him to post a copy somewhere on the internet so I can embed it to my blog I would be thankful.

Bullwinkle with Brett Keane part 1

Bullwinkle with Brett Keane part 2

Please enjoy these two videos and show your support in the ratings and comments.