Thursday, September 19, 2013

Guess who I talked to

I was chatting with people on skype last night when I was invited to a Google Hangout.  Because I am not allowed on YouTube I was not able to participate.  So I called in via skype, it did produce an echo, but for the most part I was audible.

Halfway into the chat, Nick Bravo came in.  I don't think he was aware that I was in the call.  I muted my microphone.  He did drop my docs a few times in the call, it is in his nature to do so after all.  I responded by occasionally cracking jokes in strange voices.  

Eventually I began using my real voice and it became obvious who I was.  However he did not lash out at me as he had previously done in other group calls.  Typically, when I was in a Google hangout and he joined in he would start in with me right away.  This time he didn't.  Perhaps it was the subject matter of the Google Hangout.  Our broadcast was essentially a de facto support group for former friends of Brett Keane.

For those new to the situation, Brett Keane has decided to turn his back on a whole group of friends, anyone who does not share his belief in a god.  It doesn't matter which god they worship.  It can be the Christian God, or the Muslim Allah, or any number of the pagan gods.  You simply have to believe in a god.  I swear I am not making that up.  Read for yourself.

Needless to say, Brett does what he is known for, going through friends as if they were disposable tissues. You really can't blame a scorpion for stinging you.  It is a scorpion after all.  Really the only ones who can be blamed are those who knew the dangers, and played with fire anyway.  To be honest however, after this latest round of backstabbing that he did to those most loyal to him, it actually amazes me that there are people still willing to be his friend.  Do they honestly expect not to get burned.  Sadly I know the answer, it is yes.  Each of the few friends he has left know full well how their friendship with Brett Keane will end.  All they can hope for is that the stab in the back is quick and painless.

In the call we each told our story of how Brett turned on us.  We had some laughs.  We even had a sense of camaraderie even among people who normally would be enemies.  Such as Nick and myself.

So I will leave you with this clickable link that goes to the final time stamp where Nick and I discuss the elephant in the room:  Us.  We actually act civil towards each other.