Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If I am irrelevant then why

By the way, WHEN you get your latest channel shut down, I do intend to remind Brett Keane that God silences the wicked.  Notice I said WHEN and not IF.  We all know it is a matter of time.  The guy can't hold on to an account longer than a few months before he breaks the Terms of Service.

Anyway if I am irrelevant as you say I am, then why Brett do you still rely on using MY name in your video descriptions to get views for yourself.?

You also use other questionable names such as Christian Fairytale, even though you claim he is banned from your Google Hangouts?  Didn't you also cut ties with VlogRays?  Furthermore, why are you using well known atheists such as Onision in your video description.  I thought all atheists were scum according to you?

For those keeping score, Brett is using my "irrelevant" name to garner views for himself in the following videos just this week.

In fact if you go through his videos he uses MY name to get views for himself on a daily basis.  So Brett, am I really irrelevant?  We both know the answer.  Even with my channel suspended my name gets more views than you would alone by yourself.

Feel free to ask this to Brett himself via twitter if you like.