Monday, October 13, 2014

Don't Let a Wendy Davis Happen to You

I was in Texas last week and the hot news was the Ebola scare, and the other was the race for Governor of Texas.  The Democrat nominee was state senator Wendy Davis.  For those not familiar with her, she rose to national fame when she did a filibuster against a bill regulating abortion clinics.  While her attempt to stop the bill was successful, Governor Rick Perry called a special session of the legislature and the bill eventually passed.  She and Attorney General Greg Abbot are now contending to take over the office of Governor.

Wendy Davis began to paint herself as the underdog teenage single mother who worked her way through law school.  In a story by the Dallas Morning News we learn this is not exactly the case.  While she did get pregnant at 17 she did not divorce her first husband until she was 21.  It was her sugardaddy second husband who paid her way through college.  He cashed out his 401K and even took some loans to do so. 

As soon as the final payment was made that is when she left him.  Politfact did a follow up on the story and confirmed the details by the Dallas Morning News.  Not only did she leave her husband after he paid for her Harvard education but she left him with the kids including her child from her first marriage.  As part of the divorce settlement he had to sell his company and give half of the money to his ex wife.  While he was taking care of his child and step child Wendy Davis paid child support.  

Now none of this should have any bearing on her merits for elected office.  Her private life is her private life. Bill Clinton was known to sleep around but over all I think he was a ok President.  Rather this blog is a piece of advice.  Watch out for gold diggers.  If you do get married get a prenup so you don't wind up having to sell your company to settle the divorce.  Finally, if you have a white horse, keep it at the stable, don't take it out to rescue damsels in distress.  There are plenty of single people out there that don't have problems, don't spend your time trying to rescue someone from their own bad choices.