Sunday, October 12, 2014

Why I can't be a Men's Rights Activist

This is one of two posts written today.  The other is about why I can not call myself a feminist.

Let's begin by defining what a Men's Rights Activist, or MRA actually is.  In a nutshel, MRA's want the same rights granted to women.  In many ways they are a mirror of what feminism is, giving women the same rights as men.  However as each side is constantly looking at the grass on the other side, they fail to notice how green their side is.

The biggest problem I have with MRA's is their victim mindset.  Go scour Reddit or watch some YouTube videos and you will hear the same stories over and over again.  Men who are screwed over in divorce, false paternity tests, alimony, men who get passed over for promotions due to the employer's need to fill quotas. In each of these scenarios is the failure of men to man up and do something about it.  Life is not fair.  There will always be someone out to screw you.  Instead of complaining about an unfair system, these men would do well by bettering themselves.

When it comes to divorce.  It is well known that women are the ones who file for divorce in 70 percent of all divorces on average (when you factor in children or level of educaiton).  Marriage is no longer for better or worse until death regardless of how many witnesses are in the church or other institution for the wedding.  Show me a man who got screwed over in a divorce and I'll show you a man who put on love goggles to ignore all the warning signs prior to marriage.  Of course there are times when a man totally screws himself over such as cheating on his wife or turning to drugs or alcohol or spends all the money gambling.  A tiger doesn't change it's stripes.  A damaged man or woman will have warning signs on full display early on in the relationship, a wedding ring changes nothing.  It is like a bull fighter being surprised when a bull attacks him.  

In the case of false paternity tests that is easy to solve.  Any drugstore sells DNA kits, as soon as the little fella is home take a swab and send it off.  In a few weeks you have your answer.  No matter how much a woman say's she loves you, cover your butt.  You don't want to wind up on Maury Povich.  If you find the baby isn't yours back your bags and hit the road.  Again instead of complaining, man up and do something.

When it comes to quotas where a man and woman is equally qualified for the job, of course the woman is going to get the job.  It isn't right but think about it from the employer's point of view.  To give the job to a woman saves him 30% in labor costs.  LOL just kidding, the pay wage gap is a myth.  The people who tell this myth know it is a myth and are lying to those who are willing to believe anything without spending 30 seconds on Google to find the truth.  

However here is the problem, there is one job.  Why would a man be content to simply compete with an equally qualified person?  Success in the job market is more than just qualifications on paper.  Get to know the job you would be doing and the nature and structure of the company.  Every boss is on Linkedin now, do some research on who is interviewing you and let your people skills shine through.  Convince this person that the other candidate is NOT your equal but rather sell yourself into the job.  Again it comes down to manning up and taking responsibility.  Nobody owes you a job.  You have to work hard to get it.

I can not be a Men's Rights Activist because I am not a victim.  Nobody is holding me down keeping me from realizing my full potential.  The only barriers in my way are those I place there myself.  I don't ASK for rights, I man up and TAKE responsibility.  I have not gotten screwed over in divorce because I never got married.  I am not paying child support because I don't want children and have taken the necessary precautions to ensure that I never will.  I don't compete for job promotions, I earn them by winning over the boss.

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