Thursday, October 2, 2014

In Defense of Censorship

Everyone has the right to speak, but nobody has the right to be heard.  

I was going through YouTube last week and found a video by Roosh V, whose channel is mainly focused on where to find girls.  He runs several websites including BangGuides where he sells online books about how to get laid.  I am happy for his success but the purpose of this blog is to correct some errors in his video about LaciGreen.  

Now while I consider LaciGreen to be a good friend, we don't always see eye to eye.  Especially in more recent days where I have re-evaluated my positions over the past year I was offline.  Still, that is the good thing about friendships, you don't have to agree 100% of the time with each other in order to be friends.  She is also one of the few online friends who I have met in real life.  When I was visiting the bay area she let me crash at her place.

Now I don't want to get all white knight in here.  Goodness knows that LaciGreen can defend her own position if she so chooses.  And for the record I have been critical of her positions in the past.  For example, she recently did a video about the stigma of teen pregnancy.  So I responded with  Also I did a blog about her video Creeps on the Street, when I first did the blog I was more in agreement, since that time I did a major rewrite of that blog.  I have kept the orignal version and the rewrite for that blog.

For those who don't know the back story on this, and why LaciGreen is after Sam Pepper, you can read this blog  For the record the two videos of the prank (one where he touches women's butts, and the other where a woman touches a man's butt) have been removed by YouTube.  The third video, where he tries to convince his audience that this was all a social experiment to raise awareness about sexual misconduct towards men he has set to private.

Let me also state that YouTube relies on us, the video consumer to report offensive content.  That is what the flag button is for.  If you have been on YouTube long enough, and you produce videos, eventually you will get flagged.  It happens to all of us.  It is what keeps us content producers from crossing the line into offensive content.  I flag videos on a regular basis, for many it is for promoting known scams, other times it is click bait where you think you are watching your favorite clip only to get a still image and directed to another site in the video description.  Nobody has a right to be on YouTube.  If you cross the line, the ban hammer comes down.  

However let's get into Roosh V's criticism of LaciGreen and her attempt to censor the internet.  First I do agree with Roosh V and his view on Social Justice Warriors.  I do not agree that LaciGreen is a Social Justice Warrior.  For example, just because I might agree that men get screwed in divorce does not make me a Men's Rights Activist.  I just happen to agree with a few of their points.  Social Justice has made toxic just about everything they touch, one of the reasons the Gamer community is standing up for themselves.  Still when it comes to Sam Pepper, all they can do is flag the videos which no doubt every single one of his videos by now has been flagged over 9000 times.  The videos remain.  The only other thing LaciGreen can do, which she has done is convince others to cast him out.  Vidcon, Playlist Live have both banned him, many channels that he has done colabs with have since publicaly shunned him.  His network dropped him, although no doubt he can sign up to another one given his massive view counts.  Always it comes down to money.

In addition to allegations LaciGreen herself posted two emails she received from Sam Pepper.  That noose around his neck was tied by his own hand.

In addition to those emails several people have come forward about allegations.  I have to admit the timing of the allegations is always suspect.  If I was a victim of a crime I would contact the police, not wait a year or two and then post a video.  (UPDATE:  Apparently one did call the police but later dropped the claim because she did not want to testify in court.)  Case in point, Corky made two threats on my life.  One was credible as we lived in the same town.  I recorded the evidence and went strait to the police.  A year later he posted a video claiming he was sending Muslims after me, by then he lived far away from me and I knew his threat was a futile attempt at attention.  My advice to anyone who was sexually assaulted is to press charges and contact the police.  

At around the 3 minute mark Roosh V states that Laci has no business trying to pass her morals on what others should and should not watch, because obviously millions of people want to watch Sam Pepper videos.  To take that logic to it's extreme I could likewise say that me posting a video of a girl being throated should not be flagged because people want to see it.  Hardcore content is not what YouTube wants on their site and it has entrusted the video consumer to flag content that they feel is inappropriate.  Just because a video is flagged does not mean it will be removed, only that an admin will review it.  They could leave it up, they could set an age restriction on it, or remove it.  Finally, YouTube is not a right.  YouTube can decide to remove anyone for any reason.  Everyone has the right to make videos, but nobody is guaranteed the right to post on YouTube.

Likewise these prank channels are always trying to outdo one another and it is almost a race to the bottom as to who can be the most depraved.  Things such as the drive thru pranks where people scare the smurf out of people just trying to do their jobs, to the milk jugging pranks where kids intentionally create messes for others to clean up, to these pranks where people are groped and fondled on camera.  There comes a point in time when we say enough is enough.  In 2012 we the community had enough of the reply girls and we made our grievances loud enough for YouTube to change their coding system to eventually defeat them.  The same could happen with these prank channels.

At 3:40 Roosh V brings up Laci's past as a means to discredit her in the present.  The first strike is at her Draw My Life video.  Ok first let's analyze her age.  In the video she discusses graduating high school early at the age of 15.  So the context of her cutting and pill abuse is most likely 12-14 years of age.  At that age none of us knows what we truly are, and Roosh V leaves this important detail out.  The other details are that she began this cycle of self harm when she began to loose her faith in the Mormon Church.  As a former devout Christian I can tell you that losing your faith is not a pain I would wish on my worst enemy.  It of course doesn't excuse the self abuse but the good news is her parents got her into counseling and Roosh V leaves out the part where the counseling worked and helped her get motivated to finish high school early and she began college.  Instead of wasting her time being a party girl, she spent her time in books and worked hard to graduate and now works for Discovery Network, Planned Parenthood, and is on the lecture circuit at many universities.  Furthermore, as someone who has gotten to know her over the years, she is quite stable.  I think Roosh V took that clip of Laci out of context as he did not show the events that led up to the self abuse, nor did he show how she rose above it.  In 2011 Laci graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Legal Studies and Education.

At 4:27 he mentions how she became estranged from her parents.  I will be kind and only accuse him of ignorance on this one, but while it was true that Laci's parents were not thrilled when she came out as an atheist, they have stood behind her and she keeps in contact with her family often and visits them on holiday, of course I know this because I know Laci.  She is not estranged from her family.

4:45 LaciGreen has weight issues.  That settles it, it's over!!!!

5:45 Laci Green did not go to college to become obsessed with Sex. is a site run by Roosh V not LaciGreen.  I just wanted to throw that out there.  No, LaciGreen went to College to get an education.  To learn how to do what she is doing now for a living.  She is a certified rape counselor and was on the board of Northern California's ACLU from 2010-2013.  She also is a public speaker and tours frequently on the University lecture circuit.

Sex + is not about teaching young women to have as much sex as possible and then to marry a beta male when they are used up.  From what I understand Sex + it is about teaching that sex is not dirty or sinful as society has taught up till now.  While I certainly don't agree with all the posts from LaciGreen she is focused on teaching that each of us has the right to our own bodies.  

6:20 while no doubt YouTube audiences are attracted to young good looking people and catchy titles for videos, much of her audience came from her first channel GoGreen18 which was primarily focused on Atheism, her work for Discovery, and Planned Parenthood have also gained her a strong following including a shoutout from Sxephil.  Still looks and boobs are not enough to maintain an audience.  (Reply Girls anyone?)  While some of her video titles are eye catching, the information in there is well documented.

6:50 Roosh V criticizes LaciGreen for using the word partner instead of boyfriend.  Ok I'm with him on that one.  Where we differ is his dismissal of transgenders and those born with both sex organs.  It's rare but it is real.  Transgenders are more than just men in drag, or women putting on a suit.  It is a rare condition where someone's brain does not match their sex organs.  So while their body may tell them they are a boy, their brain says otherwise.  Furthermore, they are not all Sweet Transvestites, many do their best to blend into society because they know that discrimination against them is still legal in many parts of the world. Recognizing this fact does not mean that you will wake up one day and believe you are a carrot.

In final closing.  I was debating whether or not to post this blog.  One thing that LaciGreen does to her credit is that she tends to ignore strawman arguments made against her.  I, on the other hand, have a hard time ignoring when someone is intentionally misquoting me or taking things I have said out of context.  That being said, I also have a reputation for sticking up for my friends.  I don't expect this blog to get anywhere near the over 10,000 views that Roosh V's video has, furthermore I suspect this entire blog will be dismissed as nothing more than white knighting.  Labels have never bothered me, if you want to dismiss this as white knighting go ahead.  If you want to see this blog for what it is, sticking up for a close friend, then perhaps you as the reader may learn something.