Saturday, October 18, 2014

Anita Sarkeesian and the Irrational Fear of Guns

Anita Sarkeesian received another death threat this time aimed at Utah State University where she was scheduled to speak.  The threat promised a mass shooting if she was allowed to speak.

Below is a copy of the email received

Anita then took to twitter lashing out at the University for their honoring the state's gun laws.

She also began to do interviews with media outlets such as this one below.

So her issue was the fact that Utah citizens who passed a background check in order to qualify for a concealed weapons permit would be allowed inside forced her to cancel the event.  Also the school would not put in metal detectors.  I think Chris Rock said it best.

Want to know what all the recent mass shootings that have been in the news all have in common?  The all happened in gun free zones or in places where guns were not allowed.  You can google the news yourself at how many times a mass shooting was stopped by concealed carry permit holders.

Ultimately it came down that the threat against Anita was not credible and that nobody was in danger.  I do have a theory as to who is behind the threat.  Having learned from her experiences of being proven a liar when she published threats posted to her via twitter, click here for the story, I think the email was either sent by her or by someone following her instructions.

Unlike Twitter, email has a much easier way of being traced especially when sent to a state university with their vast backtracing resources.  I think in a matter of time before we find out for sure.  Either way, this is just another example of the irrational fear of guns.  I mean, people bring guns to protest our President.  Story here.  Granted they are not allowed in the building, but a gun could do a lot of carnage, yet nothing happens.
If someone really wanted to kill Anita Sarkeesian, they would just do it and not give 24 notice.  If the threat really came from someone who hated her, he simply wanted to cancel her speech.  Mission Accomplished.

Thunderf00t did a great video on this, I encourage you all to watch it.