Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why I voted Republican in 2014

Every now and then I like to thin out the herd.  Usually the best time to do this is on election day.  In times past I have voted for Democrats, in the last election I voted Republican and will do the same this time around.  As such my twitter following took a hit.  Not a huge one, but still noticable.

There are many people I follow on twitter that I disagree with, but I follow them simply because I like them. I don't have to agree with someone to like them.  Sadly this is not the case with everyone.  To those who do follow me on twitter I thank you.

Why I am voting Republican.  I made the effort to vote today, even though there were no close races in my district.  In fact for my congressional seat, my poll workers had trouble finding my name because it never came to their mind to check for me in the Republican list.  There are no Senate seats up for grabs in my state and the highest state office in today's polls was Secretary of State.

However in the national election I am hoping that Republican's maintain the House and that they win the Senate.  There are three things I am hoping the Senate can do when the Republican's take over.

  1. Pass immigration reform.  The President has threatened to do amnesty via Executive Order, a clear violation of the Separation of Powers.  Immigrants typically do two kinds of jobs.  One is hard manual labor, the other is STEM jobs.  Very little middle class work goes towards immigrants.  We need immigrants to work our farms however, those that come here need to be accounted for.  A bulk of the illegal immigrants are actually here from overstaying their Visas.  For those who jump the border and hop the fences usually do so to find work.  The criminal element is the minority.  The President is not doing enough to deport those who come here illegally.  In fact when a bunch of children showed up at the border we took them in, separating them from their families, rather than send them back home to their parents.  President Bush was too busy invading countries to push for immigration reform when his party controlled Congress, however executive order from Obama is not the answer.
  2. Jobs.  Less regulation and lower taxes improve the economy.  It was just last week when potential 2016 candidate said that corporations don't create jobs.  Too many democrats in Washington agree with her.  It is time to kick them out.  Keep regulation to a minimum and the taxes low and the economy will continue to grow.
  3. Judges and cabinet appointments.  Eric Holder is no more, but don't allow President Obama to put in power another just like him.  Force the President to appoint people with at least some common sense.
However it is not just Washington that is important.  There are many state elections such as Governor of Texas that is important.  See my article on Wendy Davis.  In addition to candidates there are many states with ballot issues.  Some are about legalizing weed, others are simple bond issues and whether or not you want your local government to go into debt.  I always vote no on bond issues.  

On the ballot issues there is always a legal challenge from the losing side.  Some states elect their judges others are appointed by the Governor and approved by the state legislature.  So you see it is all connected.

Even though there were no close elections in my district one thing is for sure, lots of people stayed home because they figured their vote wasn't important, which only makes mine far more valuable.

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