Monday, August 17, 2015

Calico Club Brothel Review

The Calico Club is probably the smallest brothel in Nevada, it's prices are very reasonable for a Nevada Brothel.  Located in Battle Mountain Nevada on Interstate 80 pretty much halfway through the state.  The place operates in a refurbished house.  The back yard has been turned into a dirt lot for parking.  Sadly I can't really go into much detail here other than to answer some questions.  When I was there only one lady was working and we were not a match so I don't know what the rooms look like other than the bar.

Don't rely on their phone for directions use Google Maps  The person who answered the phone had no idea where the brothel was located.  Although normally I would assume money talks would take place in the bedroom, the lady had no problem talking money in the bar.  Still we were not a match so nothing happened.

Budgetwise I would recommend this place but due to a lack of options I don't know if I can endorse it.