Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sheri's Ranch Brothel Review

Sheri's Ranch is next door to the Chicken Ranch (click here to see my review)  Below is Air Force Amy giving a video tour of the house.  While she no longer works there, the tour is well done and very accurate.

The road to Pahrump is very difficult to drive over, sharp hills and turns makes it difficult to maintain highway speeds.  It is about an hour away from Las Vegas.  There are two areas, the brothel and the restaurant/bar which is separated by a curtain.  You are only allowed in the brothel if you submit to a lineup.  The problem with lineups is you are selected a lady based solely on looks where as it would be better to talk to her first and get to know her.  This is only allowed in the bar, more on that later.  The halls are very wide and the place is well lit.  For those who might be uncomfortable being in a brothel, the atmosphere here is very relaxing.

In the bar the women are only allowed to talk to you for 10 minutes.  There actually was a timekeeper.  It took about an hour for someone to approach me.  Sadly it was someone with short hair and breast implants. While her implants did look good, they were obvious.  A petite usually does not have large breasts.  I thanked her for her time but suggested that she spend a few years growing her hair out.  The next person to approach me had very long hair, but halfway down the hall toward her room I realized that we were not a match.  I turned around back towards the bar.

While the ladies can talk about anything and everything, money discussions can only take place in the bedroom.  I can honestly say the prices here are probably the highest of any brothel.  When I finally found a lady I was interested in, I was quoted a price worth about 2 months salary.  It was way too much but her price was firm.

There was a point where I was the only customer in the bar and all the women were on their smartphones.  I estimate 5 or 6 women.  I watched them for several hours.  Now it could be that they had heard that I was not willing to shell out thousands of dollars and thus was not worth their time.  Or perhaps there was something really to that Candy Crush game they were playing.  I had some lunch and then left.