Sunday, August 16, 2015

How to attract a white man (survey results)

There are countless blogs, articles, and YouTube videos on how to date black women.  This blog is an attempt to show the other side.  This is the result of two months of informal research of approximately 100 white men who were asked what black women can do to attract white guys.  There are several advantages to dating white guys.

White men typically earn more. 
This is partly due to education but also due to the type of industry they are in.  There are naturally exceptions to the rule.  This comes from the Bereau of Labor Statistics 2013 report on women's earning 2013 see chart 2.  I encourage you to read the full report.

White men often put the needs of the home ahead of their own.
There is no link to put here, and there will be exception to the rule.  Those surveyed claimed to work full time often over 40 hours a week to provide a good home.  In an article found from Stanford University, it states that almost twice as many black women graduate from college as black men.  As a result, they often earn more.  The article doesn't state this but my own google searches find that white women graduate at a higher rate then men but the number is not as drastic.  Regardless of the education level, white men still dominate the top paying jobs due to hours worked and career choices.  (BLS Chart 2)

Now the purpose of this blog is not to be a hit piece on black men.  For example I found while researching this article that while murder is the crime of choice for blacks, us white people love getting arrested for drugs. Source is the FBI for that one.  

Rather this blog serves as a response to all the blogs and YouTube videos about why you should date a black woman and what you can do to attract one.  So I listed two good reasons why a black woman should date a white man (although this advice works for all women of all races)  Now, I would like to list 5 things black women should do to attract a white man.

  1. Keep the legs closed.  Nobody wants to raise someone else's kids.  While out of wedlock rates are on the decline, the numbers are mostly unchanged for black women who gave birth out of wedlock 72% of the time.  Rugrats are nature's cockblock.  It is not uncommon to find a black mother with children from multiple fathers.  
  2. Take off that silly wig.  Almost every single person I interviewed mentioned wigs and weaves as a major turn off.  Chris Rock made a very good documentary about the crazy things black women do to their hair.  Here is a link to the movie trailer.  The men surveyed essentially told me that if they want to run their fingers through fine thin hair they will find a white woman.  There are countless tutorials on YouTube on how to grow your natural hair out and have it look great.  While black men may tolerate wigs and chemicals to alter your hair, white men interviewed for this study were far less tolerant.
  3. Don't be high maintenance.  Learn the value of shopping at a thrift store.  The men I spoke to said that when they see a woman dressed in brand new name brand clothing their wallets tense up.  Having money in the bank is far more important than money spent on the finest clothes and accessories.
  4. There is a thing as too much booty.  Black women have an advantage over women from other races.  That is their curves are more pronounced.  The most important thing to remember is that if a black girl asks if her butt looks big, you say YES.  However, there is a downside, obesity rates are higher for blacks.  (I was not able to find a study that separated by race and sex)  The fatter you are the more difficult it will be to attract a mate (and this blog is written by a fat guy)  While songs have been written about the female form, things can go to extreme.  So it is good advice to keep an eye on your figure as well as your diet.
  5. Check the attitude at the door.  Stereotypes exist for a reason, they are based on reality.  Over half of the men I spoke to had a negative experience with a black lady due to her attitude.  As such they simply moved on.  If you want to be treated like a lady, act like a lady.  If you want a confrontation, be confrontational.  This doesn't mean you have to be a door mat, but there is a time and a place for compromise and even a time and a place for giving in.  
Over the past two months I spoke to approximately 100 white men.  All were asked the same questions: First, have they ever dated a black woman, and the second is why or why not.  Some admitted that they were fulfilling a fetish, while others said that black women were the easiest to score with.  If I were to do this survey again I would like to do it more scientifically such as breaking down the married vs single and categories such as age and earnings.  Essentially this blog is one guy talking to other guys and writing down the opinions.  

For my own findings I have dated some black women, one even seriously for about 6 months.  It ended when she kept wanting me to pay her electric bill.  I think that relationship lasted as long as it did was because of her child.  The child had formed a bond with me and I knew that if I left it would hurt the child. I have never knowingly dated a women with young children since then.  I felt bad for the child and still do to this day, but to be honest the child was never my responsibility.

Final thoughts 
I don't think you should seek out one particular race over another.  Unless you are checking something off a bucket list or fulfilling a fetish.  Rather I think ladies should remember that there are good men in all races and bad men in all races.  Find someone who is good and remember, be the kind of lady a man wants to introduce to his mother.  Don't just be another notch in his headboard, feminine women attract masculine men.