Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Corky Forum discussion is canceled.

On August 3rd of 2013 I posted this video to the FacepalmResponse channel

Challenge to the Corky Forum

I also made THIS POST on the Corky Forum announcing the event.

Essentially it was a response to the debate Brett Keane had with the forum.

A little backstory on this debate.  A user named MindLiberationArmy made THIS POST to the Corky Forum asking people to join him in a discussion.

He is somewhat new to YouTube and apparently has never done a hangout before.  In addition to only giving a few hours notice to the forum members, thus assuming every member is glued to it 24/7, he also had trouble getting his broadcasts to work.

Prior to his broadcast I sent him this message when I heard about it.

To which he responded.

So I sent him the following warning.

Then when it came time for his discussion I began to watch.  I had no interest in participating but I was curious to see what he had to say, and who might show up.  He experienced one problem after another trying to get his broadcasts to work.  Finally I messaged him and offered to set up a room for him and just let him run it.  I wouldn't even be in the room, I would just be hosting it.

It is during this time that Brett decided to not only open a room but also to go in and poach the viewers from MindLiberationArmy.  

Needless to say Brett ran the room and for the most part MindLiberationArmy was silent apart from a few times he was able to speak.  Brett had a full room of his supporters who all talked over the two people from the forum who were willing to talk to Brett.  He eventually kicked them out of his room.  So much for a debate.  How can you call it a debate when you kick people out?

So I decided I would try a different approach.  I would give the forum members a full week's advance notice.  I would promise to be civil and to not allow people to talk over anyone.  The complete opposite of how Brett ran his room.  Needless to say, the forum members told me to go pound sand.

I think this can lay to rest the claim that Corky and Brett and others have made that I am the ring leader of this forum.  While the discussion is something they are not interested in, I still think I accomplished something.  No longer can the claim be made that I am the leader of the Corky trolls.  Another claim is that I use one or more sock accounts on this forum can also be easily disproved.  AllMyMirrors is the Admin of the site.  Try creating multiple accounts (as Corky has done) and see if you can avoid detection.

Speaking of AllMyMirrors he did make this point in the thread where I announced the invitation to the discussion.

While AllMyMirrors is correct about me not responding to his previous thread, he is sadly mistaken when he said that I never attempted to report content that I find inappropriate.  The forum has a messaging feature.

I in fact had messaged him about removing the content about Corky's work in the movies, such as the name of the director he was working with and other such info that could be used to hurt Corky.

AllMyMirrors soon responded with this.

Now obviously I don't think AllMyMirrors was lying here.  Documenting facts is something I do and not everyone has a good memory such as myself.  I consider this to be nothing more than a simple mistake.  If AllMyMirrors feels inclined he can correct his post, but it is his forum and his decision.  However it is clear that I have made attempts to get content removed from the Corky Forum.  

However it is clear that the members of the Corky Forum have no desire to talk to me and I will respect their decision.  Nobody has to talk to anybody.  It is their choice, and their right to make it.

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