Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vlograys vs Brett Keane

This blog post really isn't so much about giving my opinion as essentially I have none.  Rather the purpose of this blog is to archive in one place the videos these two made about each other.  I don't really have an opinion on Vlograys as we have not interacted that much.  I am aware of several videos he made critical of me prior to his inclusion of the Onision Debate where I was moderator.  He even commended me on my professionalism in how I treated everyone even though he made some videos critical of me.  I also recently assisted him with filling out a counter-notice after he deleted the video in question.  As of the timing of this blog I have not heard back from him on that.  Of course most of my readers are aware of the history with Bret Keane and myself, the good and the bad.

Unless I am mistaken Vlograys and Brett Keane met at the Onision Debate.  Their friendship was rough at first.  However they eventually started showing up in Google Hangouts together.  Apparently from what I can tell, it is Google Hangouts that caused the fall of the relationship.  Below is the chronological order of videos that these two made towards each other.

For some reason the first video is not on Brett Keane's channel.  There is a suggestion that this may be a mirror of a removed video, however mirror videos usually do not have comments and ratings disabled.  In VlogRays response to this he suggests that this is a secondary account that Brett owns.  I do have my doubts on this.  I have not known Brett to protect his account by uploading attack videos on a second channel to protect his first.  Of course he had no choice to do it when I was moderating the KeaneVlogs channel, but shortly after he gained control over that account he started going after people.  Anyway here is the video.

VlogRays then responded with this.

VlogRays pointed out to a few links to his videos which I will include here.  The first is a Google Hangout he did on August 24th 2013 where ChristianFairyTale showed up and was not kicked from the room.  You will need to forward to 55 minutes and 37 seconds.

The second link that VlogRays pointed out was from MindLiberationArmy's hangout.  You will need to forward to 1 hour 50 minutes 52 seconds for when Brett Keane shows up.

Brett Keane posted a follow up video.  Again it is unknown if this is a mirror from a video Brett removed from his channel but like the first this one has comments and ratings disabled, quite unusual for a mirror video.

Then GnarlyRants decided to weigh in on this issue.  According to a comment reply he left on the video Brett Keane removed him from skype because of this.  Anyway here is the video.

Brett Keane did make a response video directed at someone, I am guessing it is aimed at GnarlyRants.  At the time of this post the video is still up on his main channel.  

This situation reminds me of a video I did in 2009 as a follow up to the death threat posted by Corky.  When I recorded the death threat off of Corky's BlogTV I put in the video description that this was the time to chose.  There could no longer be two sides of the argument any more.  It was no longer his word against mine.  As one person had threatened the life of another I insisted that this was the time for people to chose.  Those who said that Corky was still a decent human being I wanted nothing more to do with.

Needless to say I got a lot of flack for saying that.  The next day I issued a retraction.  I wasn't fully convinced I was in the wrong but enough people thought I was.  So I told people that if they still wanted to support Corky, even after he threatened my life, that this was their right to do so.  Later in 2012 Corky did an equally horrible thing towards me.  So what I did is I quietly went on a blocking spree blocking anyone who supported him.

So I can see both sides of the argument on this one.  While I can understand Brett Keane's with me or against me mentality, I also can see VlogRays position that he should not let others decide who he gets to talk to.  Personally I have my own opinion on Christian Fairytale and I am certainly aware of his position on me, however I am not certain if I would declare him anathema and anyone who associates with him is to be shunned.  While I admit I do not know all the details from what I can see ChristianFairytale essentially just likes to use someone's own words to contradict what they are currently claiming.  

I know that if I made the demand that my friends avoid people who were critical of me I wouldn't have much friends left.  So while there IS a line, one must be careful when to draw that line and how and when to apply it.  One classic example is my friend dprjones.  Dprjones is friends with both Coughlan616 and Thunderf00t, two people who really hate each other.  Coughlan616 came out earlier this year and announced the end to the friendship, even so far as to claim that we were never friends.  Also in the past I have done a few critical videos responding to Thunderf00t.  Yet, dprjones has proven to be an inspiration.  He has managed to not get in the middle of it and has remained good friends with all of us.  

If I could give advice to VlogRays and Brett Keane it would be this.  Do you want to be friends?  If so, then take the appropriate steps to work things out.  If you feel that too much damage has been done, then part ways.

Update:  Gnarly and Brett have kissed and made up.

One small point of contention. At 15:40 seconds Brett claims that he had no idea that I was putting together this blog.  Needless to say I was upset by this as I actually did inform him of this blog.

As seen in this screen share I completed my blog at 3:57 Mountain Time.

I then logged onto skype to inform both VlogRays and Brett about the blog and asked them to fact check it.

You will see a time difference between 4:05 and 8:47.  8:47 is when I discover that he claimed on the Gnarly chat that I never told him about the blog when the record shows that I clearly did.  However that is just par for the course.  I am used to having to prove stuff like this.  I am happy that Brett and Gnarly made up.

VlogRays has made a final wrap up video on this.

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