Wednesday, August 7, 2013

HappyCabbie Account Terminated

When I logged on to my computer, I was greeted with a prompt informing me that there was suspicious activity on my account and that I needed phone verification to access my account.  So I entered in my telephone number and received the automated prompt to enter in the 5 digit code.

I was then taken to this page.

I filled out the form on the contact us page and waited for a response.  I checked my email to see if any messages came in from YouTube regarding a strike on my account or a DMCA.  There was nothing.  There was however this message.

Later I got this message from YouTube's Trademark team.

So that leaves me with one of two guesses.  The first is someone hacked into my account, even though I have Two Step verification enabled on my account.  The second is that my name HappyCabbie is infringing on someone else's trademark.

Either way, I will respect YouTube's decision to terminate my account.  If I broke the rules by using the HappyCabbie name then I deserve to suffer the consequences.

Furthermore, in compliance with YouTube's rules, I will not create any new account nor will I access any of my old ones.  To do so would be a violation of the Terms of Service.

For those who claim that this is a free speech issue I disagree.  Free speech is a Constitutional protection against our government.  YouTube/Google is a corporation and they have the right to disable accounts if they feel they violated the Terms of Service.  As stated in the above email, I violated their trademark rules.  As such I will honor my suspension.

Thankfully, I am only banned from YouTube.  My Blogger account is not terminated and it is a completely different service offered by Google.  So here along with Twitter I can still post.