Thursday, August 22, 2013

Onision, Someguy827, Turtles, & Doc Dropping

Ok, for those who are not in with what this story involves it is about Someguy827 posting Onision's address in several of his recent video descriptions encouraging people to contact various animal welfare organizations.  I suspect Someguy827's motives for doing this.  However at the same time I am also not convinced that Onision did the best care for his turtle.

Here is what Onision did in his own words.
Sad News

Which of course caused the internet to do this.

Now I will say this.  It was a stupid idea to put a turtle out in the sun under a plastic container thinking the turtle might enjoy some sun.  He should have kept it in the turtle tank he had in his bedroom.  As seen here in his first Turtle Thoughts video

Needless to say a lot of people called him out on his logic for putting the turtle under a plastic container in the sun.  Onision then decided to post more videos on the topic defending his actions including this one here.


There are a couple of points I wish to discuss in this video.

  1. He appears to only have discovered the breed of the turtle he had and the proper care for it AFTER the turtle died.
  2. He states that his breed of turtle has a basking temperature of 95 and it was only 81 degrees. However he neglects to investigate the greenhouse effect that being under a plastic container for two hours would have on it.  Essentially, what Onision did was place his turtle in a greenhouse.  A greenhouse is essentially nothing more than a plastic or glass container designed to let sunlight in and uses that to raise the temperature of the environment within.  To learn more about greenhouses and how they work click HERE.  Also without temperature controls inside the plastic container the temperature would have raised exponentially for those two hours. 
  3. He states that water is not essential for the two hours he left his turtle in the plastic container in the sun, according to the link provided in the video description.  This is factually incorrect as the link provided by Onision says the exact opposite.  I will provide a screen shot below.
  4. Onision again makes the claim that the turtle may have died due to stress from the surrounding noise and not baking under the plastic container.  He cites the same link in the video description to back up this point.  However reading that link the only mention of stress is in the case of an indor reptarium that the turtle can see through.  It doesn't state nor imply that the turtles are sensitive to stress.  However, even if the turtle did die of stress from the noise it was still Onision that placed it in that situation.
Here is the link that Onision used to back up his points and the sections concerning water are highlighted.

CelesteKittie also made a good video where she interviewed owners of a reptile store on the proper care of turtles and what would happen if placed in a plastic container in the sun.

I don't think that Onision killed his turtle intentionally.  It was a stupid mistake.  Equally it was also unwise to post a video giving everyone ammo to get on the hate Onision bandwagon.  It was also in poor taste to lump every one of his critics as meat eaters and attempt to direct the conversation towards the ethics of eating meat.  Essentially all Onision had to do was this.

Anybody and everybody jumped on the bandwagon on this.  At the time I did not for two reasons.  One regardless of Onision causing the death of his pet or not, it was still no doubt a traumatic experience.  The loss of a pet is a painful moment and I did not wish to add to that.  Second, my doing so would only add views and traffic to people like Someguy827 and his videos on the subject and I did not want to do that until YouTube took action against him.  Now that they have, I can write this post.  Up to this point all I gave was a history lesson so people can get the context of what was said.

On August 15th Someguy827 made the above post on his facebook.  However he went further than this.  In his several videos he not only posted the contact details of the animal welfare agencies near Onision but also Onision's full name and address.  This of course is a clear violation of the community guidelines.

Of course YouTube took the right action and removed all the videos in question from Someguy827's channel.  However, I also wish to discuss the ethics of sending out mobs of people to call into animal welfare because of the turtle.  I want to compare what Someguy827 did with what I did with Variablast.

Variablast caught my attention in 2011 when he attacked the charity that dprjones was organizing on behalf of DoctorsWithoutBorders.  The beef of the issue was Variablast wanted to donate some items to the charity auction and we decided to refuse them because the Ebay prohibited racial slurs on their website, and we did not want to damage the charity.  ProportionalResponse was the main organizer that year of the Ebay auction and we decided to wait until the fundraising event was over before we decided to let Variablast have it, needless to say the two of us and many others who later weighed in pwned the smurf out of this guy and eventually got a video apology issued to us.  I kept tabs on Variablast for a while after that.  

One of the things Variablast did was lash out at the It Get's Better campaign, it was an effort to reduce teen suicides, especially among LGBT teens who were at the greatest risk.  Another thing he started doing was filming children without the parent's knowledge or consent and post them on his YouTube channel.  One video even featured him after he got his butt kicked by one of the parents.  

Eventually someone, I don't remember who, gave me Variablast's docs.  At that time he was living in a small town way up north.  It took me about a day to decide what to do with them.  I did not want to post them online, as that would be wrong, however I also wanted to protect children from him.  So what I did is I contacted the schools in his town and then the police department.  I spoke with the commander and while he told me the videos I showed him did not present a crime, he did inform me that his department would keep an eye on him.  A man with facial tattoos would not go unnoticed in such a small town.  The school supervisor I spoke to informed me that she would contact the parents of the children she could identify in the videos.  I also gave her the instructions on how to remove videos via privacy complaints should the parents want these videos off YouTube.  

All it took was one person doing a few phone calls.  There was no need for me to post a video encouraging my viewers to tie up their phone lines with the same information.  Likewise there was no need for Someguy287 to post several videos giving out Onision's docs.  These videos were seen by thousands.  If you want to post a video giving your opinion on the death of Onision's turtle that is fine but one call by yourself to animal welfare is all that was needed.  Someguy827's audience tying up their phones was nothing more than a lynch mob and a waste of tax payer money as the resources of animal welfare is a shoestring budget in almost any town.  

To be honest I don't think too much of Someguy827.  I see his channel as nothing more than a shrine to Onsion.  Without Onision, he wouldn't have much to talk about.  Go through his channel, almost all of his most viewed videos are about Onision and very rarely does he talk about anything else.  There is nothing more tragic than wasted talent.  Onision is essentially responsible for the majority of Someguy827's subscribers and certainly the bulk of his view counts.  I don't agree with everything Onision says, this blog post should be evidence of that, but I certainly don't obsess 24/7 over him either.  I do have other interests.  

Someguy827 if you ever do read about this, is this how you want to be remembered.  Considering how many of your recent videos were taken down for breaking the rules I would consider you lucky that you still have a channel at all?  Do you wish for your channel to become a martyr and to lose all those subscribers who only watch you because of Onision, or do you want to try to do something productive with it?  I hope you decide to take your channel in a more positive direction.  

UPDATE:  One final warning to Someguy827.  By now you are aware that m22frogger had his account terminated for doing the same thing you did.

False Flagged Explanation

He posted Onision's address in the video description and even though he laughably claims this is not doc dropping it most certainly is.  Regardless of his opinion or mine, it is YouTube's opinion that matters.

Someguy827 you had six videos removed for breaking YouTube's rules.  I would consider yourself lucky that you still have a YouTube channel.  Most do not get as many chances as you have had.  Please take your channel in a more positive direction.