Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why is LifeInATent bringing up old drama?

Back in December of 2010 all the way through 2011 and the early part of 2012 I and another user named LifeInATent his twin brother WeathermanKevin and MeganLeeHeart went head to head.  It all started with this video I made around Christmas time.  It was a response to his postings in the YouTube help forum.  He has since lost his account and his help forum account as well, that is why his posts are no longer seen there.

Another common tactic for LifeInATent and his twin brother WeatherManKevin aka KMartinTV is to use threats of violence.  In response to this video from Oneyng they began posting threats of violence at VidCon and I documented the evidence.  It eventually got the attention of HankGreen (one of the event's organizers)

Here is Oneyng's video

Here is the documentation of the threats

For those not familiar with what a Reply Girl was this was a phenom in 2011 and early part of 2012.  They would take popular titles of videos and do a short 30 second response to them and copy the tags and video description and as a result their video would appear in the related video section.  They would also wear low cut shirts showing off their boobs.  

One even went so far as to photoshop her cleavage to make her boobs bigger.  Compare the thumbnail of this video to the video actual content.

Now the first thing you will notice is the enhanced lighting, well that is no problem.  Also the shirt is different.  Truth be told she uses this same thumbnail in several of her videos.  However the bra is the same.  And in all of her videos that she did at the time you can clearly see photo enhanced boobs.  This is not really a problem, I just know how she and LifeInATent opperate, any accusation they will deny unless you document 100% proof.  Even then they will try to spin it.

Needless to say the Reply Girls causes so much of a problem that it forced YouTube to restructure how they rank videos.  Here is the announcement from YouTube.  Likewise here is the article from TheDailyDot which was covering this ReplyGirl situation.

Since that time for the most part we haven't interacted much.  It has been over a year since I made a video about any of them, and the only mention I did make was in a blog post regarding MeganLeeHeart asking my assistance in taking down channels.  I encourage everyone to take the time to click that link, it will open up in a new tab, it is well worth the read.  However, overall, the conversations have been civil for the past year.  I certainly do not trust them, but we have been civil.  We even have been in the same BlogTV broadcasts when that site was still around.  He was even in a recent Google Hangout that I was in.

So shortly after YouTube terminated my channels LifeInATent sent me this message via skype.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that he is taking credit for having my channel terminated.

This is a claim that LifeInATent has been making since 2010.  He claims that he has YouTube on his batphone and that he has all these contacts and can have accounts shut down any time he wants.  He has provided no evidence for this claim.  Furthermore, he is also claiming credit for having UndertakerFreak1127's account restored by using these contacts of his.  He also claims credit for getting Haloaholes account restored.  UndertakerFreak1127 as some of you know was taken down via a bogus impersonation report.  I posted a video letting him know that I would contact everyone I know to get his account back and eventually it was.  In a follow up video I announced that he had returned but I made it clear that I had NO evidence that it was me who got his account back, as YouTube's policy is NOT to discuss the status of an account with anyone other than an account holder.  Haloaholes of course is run by DJ Keemstar who got in trouble over a year ago for selling partnerships and got his stuff yanked down.  How this account managed to get reinstated is a mystery.  However, it is illogical to jump to a conclusion without evidence, especially when that evidence is unlikely.

The evidence also appears to contradict LifeInATent's  He has lost over 9000 YouTube accounts including his main one that had 70,000 subscribers.  If he truly has the contacts that he says he has and the pull with YouTube that he says he does, then why are none of his former accounts reinstated?  Well he could claim that he just doesn't care about those channels anymore.  He could also claim that he is no longer doing the LifeInATent character anymore, something a blind man could see through.  He could also claim that he has other channels with over 200,000 subscribers and he is focusing on those.  Of course he will never mention these channels when asked.  These are all things he has claimed to explain away why he has never used his contacts to get his channels back.

LifeInATent nobody believes you had anything to do with taking my channels down.  However even if you were, it changes nothing.  YouTube determined that my channel violated their rules.  The most logical conclusion based on the evidence provided as SEEN HERE is that my name violated YouTube's trademark rules.  Very likely someone filled out THIS FORM to remove my channel.  Regardless of who did it or what their motivation was, YouTube decided to remove my channel.  YouTube has the right to terminate any account for any reason according to their Terms of Service Section 7B.  Obviously I disagree with YouTube's decision but I stand by their decision.

UPDATE August 31, 2013.  His newest channel LifeInACamp was terminated.  Yet more evidence that he does NOT have YouTube's support.  If he can't even keep his own channels from being terminated how does he expect anyone to believe that he has contacts on the inside.

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