Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why TheHealthyChannel was terminated

As some of you may know I had a channel called TheHealthyChannel where I vlogged about my diet attempts, exercise and weight loss.  Recently I was vlogging about doing a water fast.

Yesterday I discovered that account was terminated by YouTube.  For a time I believed it was due to my videos on water fasting as it could have been perceived as doing something that can be dangerous.

I filled out YouTube's account termination inquiry forum and learned that the channel was targeted for copyright violations.  See below.

Now this has some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that now that I know the issue is copyright, all I have to do to regain my account is fill out the appropriate counter-notice.  Per the 1998 DMCA law, YouTube must restore my account within 10-14 business days of receipt of a counter-notice so long as the claimant does not file a motion in Federal District Court.

The bad news is this email neglected to tell me the URLs that I require to correctly fill out the counter-notice form.  Until I get the URLs I am unable to correctly fill in the legally required information for a counter-notice.

I will keep you updated on my status, but for now the only way to contact me is via twitter.  Per YouTube's rules I am prohibited from accessing my other accounts that I still have and I am prohibited from creating new ones.

UPDATE:  I got this email regarding SockPuppetBalloon, one of my test accounts.  I used this account to test out different features from time to time.  As with TheHealthyChannel the issue is copyright, but no URLs for me to fill out the counter-notice.