Monday, September 1, 2014

My Belle Knox Prediction

Last year the internets were in a tizzy about Belle Knox being outed by one of her school mates as a porn star.  Apparently he had seen her on Facial Abuse (A porn company that specializes in humiliation and degrading of it's talent.  Essentially focusing on name calling and thrusting deep into the woman's throat to the point where she gags, often into a dog bowl.)  At the time of this blog, the website redirects to another porn site possibly the parent company.  

She then instead of trying to lay low and wait for the smoke to clear decided to go on every TV show that would have her and declare herself a feminist and that she was proud to do porn because it was the only way to pay for her education and that she felt empowered.  

Well here is my prediction.  Belle Knox will soon be on the speaking tour lecturing about the horrors of the adult film industry.  She will follow in the footsteps of Shelly Lubben and Dexi Foxx (most famous for shooting porn with her own daughter) and others who speak out against the business.  I have two main reasons for my theory.  The first is Belle Knox's track record when it comes to speaking the truth.  The second is that she is used to calling the shots on the porn set.  She is still the flavor of the month and thus in a position to make demands such as the age of her costars.  Once she is out of the spotlight and has to work hard like others in the business she will find she will have to compromise and I doubt she will like that.

Point 1:  Her honesty

At first she claimed that her decision to do porn was because her parents had cut her off financially.  Later the story changed to the fact that she didn't qualify for enough financial aid because her parents were too rich.  You can read the story HERE.  However, the fact remains this, she didn't have to go to Duke University to get an education in women's studies.  Do what everyone else does, start off at a local community college and then attend a public university.  Work part time to make ends meet.  No the reason why Belle Knox is doing porn is because she wants to.  Nothing more, nothing less.  She is not being forced and currently she can pick and chose the scenes and costars, more on that later.

In the same article linked above they talk about how she said on National Television that her family supports her decision to do porn.  Everything was fine until someone decided to actually talk to the family and discover that having a daughter in porn is not what a conservative Catholic family aims for.  Her family didn't even know she was in porn until 24 hours before the story went public, according to the article.

Then in a bizarre case of WTF Belle Knox has the balls to blame Duke University for the porn scandal that came about.  You can read the full article here on Playboy.  

If Duke had given me the proper financial resources, I wouldn't have done porn. They have nobody to blame for the scandal but themselves.

She has gone on to write for major online news outlets as a guest contributor and continued on the talk show circuit trying to gain as much attention as she can.  Which is actually a smart thing for her to do.  The problem though is that other performers in the business have grown resentful of an nineteen year old college freshmen being the spokesperson for their industry.  However when she announced that she was working for Pornhub (the leader in pirated porn) the claws came out.

Many of the performers who stood by her when she was facing harassment at school turned on her when she revealed that she had gone to work for the company that steals revenue from hard working talent and producers.  You can do a twitter search but sadly much of it is archived but this tweet remains.  The Daily Dot also managed to screen cap a few of the tweets.

So here we have a young girl fresh into the business talking like she is an expert and gaining a reputation for being difficult to work with on set.  She lied about her family, she even went so far as to lash out at the school for not giving her more financial options when it was her decision to attend Duke instead of a more affordable public university.  

I am not attacking her for doing porn.  She is old enough to make her own decisions.  Rather, I am making my prediction on her future based on her current behavior which leads me to point number 2.

When her 15 minutes are up, she will not be able to call the shots.

Very few women are able to make a career out of porn and those that do work hard.  Due to sites such as PornHub (which Belle Knox is currently promoting) people are not buying as much DVDs as they used to and memberships to website are dismal at best.  One lady I follow on twitter was happy as smurf that her website had grown to 24 members.  (FYI the pirated clips on PornHub alone are about 8000 total views)

Add to this the abundance of newer and younger talent that comes off the greyhound bus every day, Belle Knox will not be able to command top dollar for too much longer.  In addition her alleged tantrums on set are only allowed because she is the current flavor of the month.  When that is over she will have to work hard to stay in favor with the reputable producers and be a team player.  I think this is going to be a culture shock to her.  As everything was handed to her in life due to her rich parents I don't think she will be able to make the adjustment.  Which leads me to my prediction.

Becoming an Anti-Porn Spokesperson

Deep down I think she likes the attention she gets from the news media and television appearances.  I predict that when she is no longer able to have her way on the film sets she will speak out against the very industry that embraced her when she was facing very real harassment from her school mates.  She will go on the talk show circuit, do speaking engagements at universities, she will write a tell all book about the evils of the business she now currently says is empowering.  

If I am wrong then so be it.  Who knows she may be able to finish schooling and become a lawyer as she has claimed she hopes to do.  She may be successful in financing her education through porn.  Only time will tell if my prediction comes true or not.

I know this article feels like I am attacking Belle Knox and in a way I am.  I am not attacking her for doing porn.  It is her choice and as a man I do look at porn from time to time.  (Although I am doing it less and less now as I am seeking out real life experiences)  I am only calling into question her behavior towards her fellow performers some of whom I have gotten to know.