Monday, September 1, 2014

Do we want a world where Meghan Trainor is FAT?

Do we want to live in a world where Meghan Trainor is considered fat?  In my opinion she is probably 10 pounds heavier than she should be but with no visible double chin, and decent figure, she is hardly a woman I would call fat.  For those who have not seen it, below is her music video, All About That Bass.

Here in the screen shot from her video you can clearly see an hour glass figure.

So the question is this:  Why would a woman who clearly has been blessed with good looks feel that she is fat?  To answer this question I would like to quote from her interview that she did with Cosmo.  Seriously, Cosmo.  

COSMO:  Have you always had such a good attitude about your body?
MEGHAN:  No, no, not at all. I didn't know how cool I was until just recently. I wish I knew how cool I was in high school, you know? And I see my little cousins — now they have Instagram at 13. I didn't have Instagram, but I'm pretty sure I [would have been] more confused about everything if I did at that age. I wrote it [the song]to help me as well. And it has helped me because people have been complimenting me like, "Man, you look good in that video!" and I'm like, "Yeah I do!" If I help other people that's just another dream come true.

Essentially the song is about loving your body, to that I would say love it to a point.  For example, while I do acknowledge that there is a fat fetish out there and that a small group of society finds people as myself sexy as smurf, I do realize that my body is not what it should be.  I have nobody to blame but myself.  Every time I grab a candy bar instead of a carrot I knowingly do harm to myself.  Yes, love your body, but don't love it to the point where you ignore your own health.  Don't let yourself get to fat or to skinny.  

The reason I showed surprise at Meghan giving an interview to Cosmo is because Cosmo and magazines like it promote very unhealthy and unrealistic definitions of beauty.  On the cover is some skinny almost anorexic beauty but that is far from reality.  These magazines airbrush and photoshop the blemishes away thus moving their definition of beauty to unattainable to the average lady. 

Anyway, Meghan Trainor's video is fun to watch and has a catchy beat, as far as the lyrics to the song go, it echos a popular song from my youth.

Essentially the song says the same thing, real men want curves.  Not necessarily overweight, but certainly no stick figures out of a Cosmo magazine.  Ladies don't get your advice on what men like from the fashion industry.  These are not the guys you should be listening to.

It is simple, if you want to meet quality guys learn how to attract them.  Grow your hair out long, keep the make up to a reasonable level.  Remember what your mother taught you, the secret to wearing make up is to look like you are not wearing any at all.  Finally the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  If nothing else, find a magazine targeted at men and look for an article on where to meet women.  Read that article and find out where you are supposed to be and go there.  

Finally be the best you that you can be.  Beauty is only skin deep and is often wasted on the young.  Beauty may attract a man, but being a good person who knows how to take care of her man is the only way to keep him.  Never give up on self improvement.