Thursday, July 4, 2013

I have been chosen as Moderator

Onision posted to his twitter this post which leads to his Facebook.

For those who do not know FacepalmResponse is me.  The others are Evan Cahill, m22frogger, and vlograys.  All three of them will be taking on Onision.  Now earlier today I was in a debate with Onision.  He contacted me via Twitter and asked me if I would like to be in a debate with him and a user named RepSock.

As hard as it may be for some to believe, I wrongfully assumed RepSock to be another user, perhaps a nick name for MrRepzion.  This error on my part was due to my ignorance.  Apparently on Facebook he had a poll and the results were for him to use a sock after MrRepzion refused to have a debate with him.  As hopefully everyone knows I am NOT on Facebook, even though there are people impersonating me on the site.  This was further compounded when he said via twitter, "I think basically I'll be me, the sock will be Rep, and you'll be you. I'll probably let you handle most the questions towards the sock." Now this does not mean that Onision mislead me.  Quite the opposite.  He and I were exchanging twitter messages so rapidly this one got by me.  "Now if you were to be the one asking the questions, I could be the sock mostly the whole time, which would make things remain fun."  So going through the twitter messages again I can see the error is on my part.  Needless to say though, I was rather unprepared as I had intended to discuss his views on sex, pornography and other jobs in the sex industry.  You can read the blog HERE if you wish to know what I was hoping to discuss.  I was not expecting to be talking to a sock.  Irregardless here is the full debate.

Online Debate (4) Onision vs Repsock

Now in his video announcing his next debate which you can view HERE the rules were simple.  Have the most views and most thumbs up and you will be chosen for the debate.  Here is the results of the view counts  at the time of this blog.

Just so we are clear, I beat out everyone except EternalSunnyDYT in both views which you can see and I also got more thumbs up than anyone else.  EternalSunnyDYT is of course disqualified because he doesn't have a camera and at the time of this blog only has one video.  Seriously, he just started uploading videos and his first video is a debate challenge?  Nevertheless, I will not be debating Onision and that is fine.  It is his channel and he gets to chose who wins.  I do get to be the moderator and I intend to do that job to the best of my ability.

We have three people who are wanting a piece of Onision.  I know one participant has also made videos about me so he may also chose to go after me, which is fine.  However to keep the debate from going all pear shaped I propose the following rules.  

  1. Each participant will be limited to 4 questions.
  2. Nobody will be allowed to talk over someone else.  I will serve as the time keeper to ensure everyone gets to have their say.
  3. Each participant will get to ask one question at a time.  The question may be aimed at anyone else in the room.  Logic dictates that most of the questions will be aimed at Onision, however each participant may chose to use his time to ask a question of the host, the moderator, or another participant.
  4. After the question is asked the person who got the question will have a chance to respond uninterupted.  The response will be limited to 3 minutes.  After that participants may raise their hand if a follow up question is desired however they will wait for the moderator to acknowledge them.  When someone is talking there is to be silence from everyone else.  Please use Google's microphone muter when not talking.  Follow up Q&A will be limited to 10 minutes maximum.  At which point the moderator will end discussion on that topic and the next participant gets to ask his question.
  5. The order of who gets to ask questions will be decided in rank of subscriber count from lowest to highest.  Therefore, questions will be asked in the following order. m22frogger, VlogRays, Evan Cahill, and Onision (if he choses to ask questions)  The moderator will only serve as time keeper and to ensure that nobody talks over anyone else and will be unbiased as possible.  Then after everyone has asked their first question, the round begins again with m22frogger and so on and so on.
  6. If your question relates to a specific video, please have the URL of the video handy.  Therefore I can tweet it out via twitter for those who wish to view the content.  I am hoping Onision will link the videos in the video description after the Google Hangout converts to a Youtube video so the viewers can see them if they chose to watch the debate at a later time.
  7. After all the questions will be asked the moderator will ask the host to say a few last words to the audience and then each participant will be given up to 2 minutes for their final thought starting with m22frogger and so forth.  After each participant gives his final thoughts he will be asked to drop out of the call and the final words will come from the moderator thanking the audience for watching.  Then the host will end broadcast.
  8. For the love of sweet feathery Vegeta please wear headphones and make sure that they work.  If you are unfamiliar with Google Hangouts contact me and I will do a practice show for you to show you everything works.
Following these rules will serve many purposes.  One it will allow the debate to go smoothly without it turning into a shouting match.  Second, it will keep the debate to a reasonable time as if the rules are followed we are looking at about slightly over 3 hours.  Third, by limiting the questions to 4 per participant it will prevent anyone from dominating the room as everyone will have equal time and by limiting the discussion period to 10 minutes.  Google Hangouts have a maximum of 4 hours so by shooting for 3 hours we ensure the broadcast does not automatically end in the middle of a discussion.  

Please follow me on twitter as I will be live tweeting the links discussed in the show.

Irregardless the show will be converted into a YouTube video on the channel and when it is I will embed the video here.  (Onision has since removed the video and all 7000 comments with it and moved it to the OnisionArchive channel

m22frogger brought up two videos.  The first one is a mirror of a deleted video called Love Will Prevail.

He then brought up Onision's video called Cutter Fail which for the record does have this in the video description.

Do you cut? If you really want help, get it. Tell your parents, or another responsible adult who can help you

VlogRays brought up this video reminding Onision that he did joke about rape in a video called Puppy Love

Other videos discussed included the Rainbow video

The Sepsis video

And the goodbye video

VlogRays posted this follow up video

VlogRays referred to a wrap up show that is discussed on THIS blog  I encourage EVERYONE to please read that blog.

Evan Cahill posted this follow up video.

If m22frogger posts a follow up video I will embed it here.