Wednesday, July 24, 2013

People have the right to refuse to talk

As some of you know I am good friends with a lady known as BionicDance.  Some have been critical of her for refusing to get on skype with some people or be in the same Google Hangout with them.  They say she is a coward.  I would like to disagree and I would like to explain why.

First, we each have our own right to chose who we want to have a discussion with.  Some people we just don't want to talk to.  It could be that we find that person to be rude and uncivil, or it could be that we have more productive things to do than sit at a computer and spend an hour discussing something that could be solved with a few messages back and forth.

Second, if a person is down right rude and uncivil towards you either in video or in text, what makes you think that they would be any different on skype or worse in a Google Hangout where they would be backed up by their friends.  Would you go into a room where everyone is against you?

Third, live discussions have the potential for getting out of control.  Tempers can flare up.  Whereas in video and text you can prepare what you are going to say.  That way you never have to say something out of spite or anger that you may regret later.

Now I have had many live discussions with people.  Even with people whom I disagree with, and yet there are some people that I absolutely refuse to talk to.  Likewise there are people who no doubt would refuse to talk to me.  That is our right to make that decision and we should not have to defend ourselves for refusing to talk to someone.  

Think about it.  Every one of you could probably name off at least 3 people you want nothing to do with.  They could be family, co-workers, an Ex, or someone.  Are you a bad person for cutting this person out of your life?  No.  And neither is BionicDance.