Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Onision Debate Armageddon

Onision has announced the next participants in the debate via twitter which directs to THIS FACEBOOK POST

The debate was deleted from his channel and moved to the OnisionArchive channel, over 5000 comments were lost.

Online Debate (6) Truly the True Truth About Onision

Down below are the urls to the videos and URLs discussed.

Worst Parents Ever

Is Onision a Millionaire?

I Got Jacked

This was also discussed.

Shiloh's message to Onision

Here are everyone's channels

Ksicflip and AsKaGangster have dropped out.

On a follow up message via twitter I said if someone is not able to make it I had someone in mind who would like to join in, Onision said ok.  I know of 4 people who want in but only 3 of them made video entries.  So if any of the 8 are not able to participate I will ask Onision if we can invite the other three.  If there is only one spot then I will make recomendations based on subscriber count.  However I will only recommend people who made a video entry.  Finally all I can do is recommend.  It is Onision's debate and up to him who he wants in the room.

The following 3 people have been added to the debate

It was found out later that we had 11 people in a room that only has 10. As a result this person was cut after a skype conversation with MegaMaverick69. He will do a follow up wrap up show so you can check that out after the debate.

I will be live tweeting the debate posting links to any URLs or videos that are discussed so follow me on Twitter.
Here is the link to my twitter.

Because we now have 8 people these are the rules.

  1. Write down your question and prepare it, get to the point where you can ask your question concisely and under a minute.  30 seconds is best.
  2. Prepare up to 4 questions but in all probability you may only get to ask two or three.  Have your most important questions listed first.
  3. If your question relates to a video please have the name of the video and URL including time stamp ready.  If you don't know how to do a time stamp watch this tutorial
  4. After each question allow Onision to answer.  Then there will be 10 minutes total of discussion time, if you wish to say something please raise your hand.  If you are not talking please mute your microphone.  After the 10 minutes I will stop the discussion and the next participant will ask his or her question.  
  5. The order of who goes first will be based on channel size.  Starting from the largest to the smallest.  Each participant will ask one question followed by an answer and discussion period, then we will move to the next participant.
  6. If for any reason the 8 people chosen are not available, please contact me via YouTube so I can suggest another participant to Onision.
  7. Each participant will be contacted by me and we will schedule a time to ensure their webcam and headphones work on Google Plus.
After the debate I will embed the video here.

For bonus points here is the links to my other channels if you want to check them out.

And here is Onision's other channels

I have removed the link to the troll channel as I see no value in promoting a troll.