Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Open Letter To Laci Green

For those who are not familiar with my friend LaciGreen let me tell you a little bit about her. She was raised in a Mormon household but started YouTube on the GoGreen18 channel as a way of expressing herself. Originally her videos were about her coming out of her religion and discussing her views on atheism. There is a huge atheist community on YouTube as many atheists live in areas dominated by one religion or another. On YouTube they can come together and find common ground and form friendships.

Below is a link to her channels.

Eventually she wanted to take her videos in a different direction and began posting on the LaciGreen channel. Instead of discussing atheism she began to discuss what she calls Sex Plus, or in other words sex education without the shame.

Her topics have included debunking myths and old wives tales about sex, discussing slut shaming and why it is wrong to look down on people just because of how sexually active they are.

In addition to being active on her channel she pursued her education at a local University and now teaches. She has since branched out to partner up with Planned Parenthood to do educational videos for them.

And most recently the Discovery Network has hired her to do educational videos for them as well.

Introduction video for the Discovery Channel DNews

Anyway on to the point of this letter. About a year ago she posted on twitter saying that she was thinking of taking down her videos on the GoGreen18 channel because she still gets messages about the videos she did on that channel. She also said something to the effect that some of the videos made her appear angry and she didn't want that. As a precaution I downloaded some videos of hers that I thought were her best and did not want them to be lost forever. I have no intention of posting these nor sharing these with others. So don't ask. She took down the videos and she has a right to do so. However I am hoping this open letter will get her to change her mind.

Laci, the videos on the GoGreen18 channel ARE a resource. Yes you have moved on to Sex Plus, much in the same way I have moved on from doing balloon videos. However, time and time again I have cited your work on the GoGreen18 channel and I am certain I am not the only one who does that. Now you have the right to control what is and what is not on your channel and regardless of your decision I will respect it. Furthermore I will continue to support you no matter what you decide. However, I am asking you to please make at least some of your videos public again. I of course would love to have all of them public, but it is your choice. Your videos are a resource and people have relied upon them for years.

One final note I want to make clear. There is a LaciGreen impersonator on twitter. LaciGreen's real twitter is Here.

Of course my twitter is HERE

And these are my YouTube channels.