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Onision and sex workers

The purpose of this blog is to be a one stop place for URLs to Onision's videos and to points I intend to bring up if he chooses to accept my debate challenge.  Unlike previous debates where his personal life was the topic of debate, I instead wish to debate him on a topic.

Well let's discuss the definition of a slut.  I am referring of course to this video.

My friend LaciGreen actually wrote a small blog on her views about this.  Read it HERE.

Webster's Dictionary defines slut as a "promiscous woman; prostitute."

This is a bit of a double standard.  In society men who bang lots of women are heralded as heroes whereas a woman who does the same thing is looked down upon.  In some cultures, especially in the middle east, women can be executed for sleeping around while there is no punishment for the men.

Here is the Google search results if you want to see more of this.

In another video, Onision weighs in on his views on open relationships.  He refers to them as whores.

An open relationship is not the same as cheating.  Cheating is when you engage with someone while talking to or otherwise engaging with another without all parties being informed and consenting.  An open relationship is where everyone is informed and consenting.  Many bi-sexual people are in these types of relationships, others like to swing, and still others are just plain horny and need more than one person to satisfy them.

In this video he suggests that having multiple sex partners would not be a good thing if you are looking for "The One"

In this video he compares the human primal desire to fornicate to the primal desire to eat unhealthy foods or to be violent.  Well when man was evolving food was scarce as we had to hunt and gather our food.  There were no supermarkets and no way to preserve food, it had to be eaten right away.  We were programed to eat certain types of food that would sustain us for the long haul, our bodies like most mammals are able to store fat to be used as energy at a later date.  Nature is violent.  Like other animals we fought over mating, shelter, and even food.

In the modern society, we get our food from the store.  There is no need to fight other humans for food or shelter.  In a modern society we have laws in place to punish those who attack other people.  The issue is consent.  Unless they have a screw loose, nobody is going to consent to getting an ass kicking.  However, people can and do consent to having sex.

While I agree that the more sexually active you are, the higher risk you are to getting an STD, you can take steps to protect yourself such as wearing condoms and getting your partners tested.  Furthermore, having previous sexual experience can enhance later sexual adventures.  With each new partner you can learn what works and what doesn't work.  You can discover things you like done to your body, and new ways to please your partner.  Most virgins are not qualified to give a decent rusty trombone.  Sometimes you need an expert.

In 2012 Onision posted this video about men who sleep around.

Not wanting to bring up his past relationships but I have to in this case because it is relevant.  While the original video can not be found on his channel I found this copy.

In the video he is defending himself against the accusation that he pressured someone into having sex when they first met.  I am not going to mention the lady's name but essentially she wrote a long blog about how she met Onision over skype, then moved out to be with him and felt pressured into having sex.  His defense was how could he pressure someone into having sex when they have had so many sexual partners.

Two points on this.  First, regardless of who pressured who the fact remains Onision had sex with someone on the first day.  That would appear to contradict his statements about not sleeping around with anyone you can.  Second no matter how sexually active someone is, consent is consent is consent.  Just because someone has had 20 sexual partners and you only had 5 does not make you morally superior.  It just means that both of you are sexually active.

A person's merit does not depend on how many sexual partners they have had.  This goes into my argument on sex workers who let's face it are the most sexually active among us.  Many such as Bree Olson have donated their time and their name to champion against animal abuse.  Many may remember a video I did two years ago exposing Snapperfest.  Bree Olson is one of the people who spoke out against this abuse.  Read more about it HERE.

My friend LoreleiMission works with local animal shelters to find homes for the abandoned pets.  Darla Crane helps out with the Bowling for Boobies charity which raises money for low income people dealing with Breast Cancer.  And those are just a few examples.  I have met a few of the performers in the adult video business and they truly have hearts of gold.  Now of course there are a few bad apples in there as there is with any group, but just because someone has sex for a living does not make them a bad person.

Now let's link to some of the things Onision has said about Pornography.

In this video he says that the porn industry is the act of one human violating another human.    Forward to 1:15 into that.  With the exception of snuff films and child porn, we are not talking about one human violating another.  Pornography is fantasy but in each case the models sign release forms and are compensated for their time.  This is the highest of consensual sex.  While in recent years the scenes have gotten rougher, such as Ghetto Gaggers, Slap Happy, ect.  In each case the models know what they are getting into and consent to the scene.

That of course is NOT to say that sometimes things go south as is the case of this girl who bangs Moolinaires.

In this video Onision again compares pornography to prostitution.

There is a couple of flaws in his logic here.  First a large number of porn stars do not and will not work as prostitutes.  The reason is they put themselves at risk not only for their safety but also for health.  In mainstream porn both the male and female talent are tested and tested regularly.  Unless of course you are Mr. Marcus and decide to "edit" your certification papers.  Seriously he did that.  Read about it HERE.

Currently with prostitution being illegal in most of the United States there is no burden to certify the johns.  There is some checking done at the brothels in Nevada, however all that is done is a visual inspection.  No actual medical tests are done such as those done on male porn stars.

Secondly, bringing a camera will not work if you are busted for prostitution.  Kimberly Kupps and her husband ran their own small time porn studio.  She was arrested for having sex with her husband on camera.

In fact, filming pornography is still illegal in most states and it is only due to a court case in California that legalized porn came to existence.  Here is the story on how it happened.

Now about 4 months ago Onision posted this video, in which he appears to contradict what he has said in previous videos about Pornography.

He is not comparing it to prostitution, nor is he referring to it as a violation of a human by another.  In fact it appears as though he is endorsing the viewing of pornography as a healthy and normal part of life.  Even though the video in question is responding to a 17 year old who by law is prohibited from accessing porn, but still, even before the internet, we all had those National Geographic magazines didn't we?

In this video he states a statistic that areas that have more porn have less sex crime.  He gives no link to this source.  I did my own review and I found this report from 2006 that appears to have the same conclusion.  You can read it HERE.  However in fairness if you go to Google you can find reports such as THIS ONE that reach the opposite conclusion.  In my opinion, which I have pulled straight from my keister with no evidence, the rate of sex crime has more to do with culture, religion, and closeness of family, than if a person has access to internet porn.

However, if Onision does chose me for a debate I would like his position on pornography clarified.  Does he still stand by the posts he made in 2009 and 2010 or has his views grown since then?  In my opinion, it is the latter, but only Onision can confirm that.

Back in May Onision was doing a series of Monologues where he would argue both sides of the argument.  Some of them were pretty funny such as the one he did dressed as Batman talking about how he was in the military but didn't stand up when he was under attack.

In this video he talks about his "past life in the adult industry"  This monologue for those who do not know is him doing a skit, the next day he would argue the opposite view.

In this video, he does another monologue.  Again not all of this is real, it is a skit, but I am embedding for a reason.

In this video he again compares pornography to prostitution.  Furthermore at 45 seconds into the video he suggests that people who do porn are not college educated and qualified to do high paying jobs.  This is quite the opposite of reality.

With the advent of the internet, affordable cameras, and the personal computer, just about anyone can launch their own porn business now.  The porn industry has provided for many independent business women whereas back in the days of the VCR and earlier and expensive editing equipment and cameras only a few rich men made any money from pornography.

Of course it goes without saying that Ron Jeremy has a Master's Degree in special education and a B.A. in theater.  Asia Carrera is a member of Mensa.  Nina Hartley is a registered Nurse and graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Fransciso State University.  However there are many many more examples

Lisa Sparxxx the current holder for largest gang bang has a Master of Arts degree in Multimedia and minored in business.

Although she got this education after her entry into the business it is worth noting that Annie Sprinkle has a PhD.

Prior to entering the porn industry, T.J. Hart was part of the US Olympic swim team and earned a triple major in psychology, sociology, and art, with a minor in early childhood education from the University of Colorado.

Joanna Angel has a B.A. in English Literature.

Lorelei Lee is currently active in pornography and is currently attending NYU for her Master's Degree.  Prior to NYU she graduated from San Francisco State in 2008.

Prior to entering the porn industry Laurie Wallace was summa cum laude with a double major in German and political science.  She also was attending law school but dropped out to work as a model.  Prior to pornography she was in national TV commercials, a model for covers of romance novels, and even magazines such as GQ.

Shy Love is not only a Certified Public Accountant but also has two masters degrees that she got after she graduated early from high school at age 16.  She then entered into the business in 2003 and now runs her own talent agency, a nightclub, and an accounting firm.

Prior to entering the porn industry A.J. Bailey got a B.A. in anthropology.  After entering the business she turned that B.A. into a Masters Degree.

Terra Patrick prior to entering pornography earned a B.S. in Biology and an A.A.S. in nursing.

Gen Padova was a doctor of Naturopathic Medicine before she entered the business.  She has a B.S. in BioChemistry and a B.A. in Visual Arts.  She is also certified as a massage therapist specializing in Neuromasucular Re-education.  In other words therapy for nerve damage.

Calli Cox was a teacher prior entering pornography and has a degree in mid level education.  (Jr High)

Juli Ashton was another Jr High school teacher before she entered the business.  She has a degree in Spanish and History from Colorado State University.

Audrey Hollander prior to entering the industry earned a degree in Elementary Education from Layola University in Chicago.

Bobbi Starr used to blow into an Oboe for a living.  Now she blows something else LOL.  Prior to becoming a pornstar she earned a music degree from San Jose State University and worked as a private music teacher and as a music librarian for the school in addition to working as a Nanny.  She is currently studying to be a gynecologist and intends to continue to work for the industry in that role.  (Note that citation is from 2008 and I am unable to confirm at this time if she completed that task)

Careena Collins started out in porn very young at the age of 18.  However she took a break to get a law degree and graduated at the top of her class.  After getting her degree she returned to the industry.

Selena Silver has a degree in Marine Science.

Akira Lane has a B.A. in International Business

Mika Tan is currently going after her PhD  She currently has 1 B.S. and 2 Associate degrees.

Alex Reynolds has a B.A. with honors from Seven Sisters University.

Star Nine has a B.F.A on Studio Art and Photography and wears pantyhose.  Yay!!!

Ela Darling has a Masters Degree for library and information science.

Ginger Sparks has a degree in Community Studies focusing on Sexual Health Rights.

Dianna DeVoe has a B.A. in Journalism and is one of my all time favorites

Jiz Lee has a B.A. in Dance and a minor in theater.

Lydia McClane was a therapist for 15 years prior to entering the business.  She also has a degree in biochemistry and psychology.

Jaime Foster has a B.F.A. in theater.

Tomiko has a Bachelor of Science degree and was a teacher before entering the industry.

Kiki Dare has a degree in World Religion

Harmony Rose has a degree in art history from UCLA

Although I am focusing mostly on ladies in this section Andre Toonman has a B.A. in Commercial Design.  He was nice enough to respond to my public inquiry asking for education.  The same goes for Paul Morris who has two masters degrees and a PhD.  The reason I am focusing mostly on ladies here is due to the perception that the female performers are exploited and are victims.

Now this is not to say that everyone in pornography is just highly educated.  However I do believe I have laid the case that porn is not just a place for people with no options wind up.  Pornography of course does have it's critics.  Many are aware of Shelly Lubben who was a former performer who now speaks out against the industry.  (Note when you click on Shelly's link you see her very odd low twitter count, but I got that link from her official website.  Blogger's rules will not allow me to link to adult content if the blog is monetized which this is.  So I am linking twitters in most cases, or an IMBD page, or if nothing else a wikipedia entry)

Another critic is Dexi Foxx who is most famous for the scene she did with her own daughter and then after leaving the porn industry went to work with her daughter at a Nevada Brothel.

Monica Foster is another critic of the industry after she left.  She was a frequent host on BlogTV speaking out against the industry.  In addition to her Christian ministry she runs her own webcam model business.

Responding to critics such as Shelly Lubben and others Ron Jeremy did this interview with Pastor Craig Gross and his ministry to adult entertainers.

It is worth while viewing.

However, pornographic actors and actresses are only a small part in the sex industry.  Prostitutes are also a large part of this industry.  Not all prostitutes are crack heads.  Obviously I can't point to individuals like I can in the porn business as most prostitutes are underground and none are known nationally.  The best a prostitute can hope for is to be known by her clients but unknown to the police.

I can tell you that I have met prostitutes who are educated or were persuing an education.  The same goes for strippers.

In conclusion, I hope this read was worth your time.  I know it is a long one, but I did put some time into it.  In fact parts of this blog I have been working for a month to compile all this information.  A person's sexual activities does not alter who they are as a person.  As long as the person they are with is a consenting adult nobody is being harmed whether the sex is free or for profit.

I am the HappyCabbie and I hope you follow me on twitter.

Special thanks to LoreleiMission for helping me find many of the porn stars I referred to in this blog.  Please follow her on Twitter.